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Fruits of my Labour


By manduk


I’m trying to be self-sufficient and green with it, attempting to grow fruit and veggies in harmony with nature, but when I see mould growing on my gooseberries the temptation to just nip up to the hardware store and buy something to spray all over them is just so strong its really hard to resist.
I shall ask around to see if there is a natural remedy for this, but I wont leave it too long, its heartbreaking to see things moulder and shrivel up seemingly before ones very eyes!

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ah that's ghastly for you - I planted a gooseberry last year and it is coming on a treat - no fruit yet however - will be interested to see if anyone has a remedy

11 May, 2009


Thanks Angiedoherty. I wonder if it maybe has too much shade? I planted a pear tree near it, but because the pear tree is young the shadow cast by its leaves is very low to the ground...

11 May, 2009


oh thats a real shame, and it looks so healthy too

someone will help you on here so you can stay "green"

x x x

11 May, 2009


Sorry about your goosberries. I hope you find a remedy.
Welcome to GoY

11 May, 2009

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