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Tucking up for the winter....Better late than never...


I’ve had a manic few weeks, as most people this time of year, and just not got round to fleecing some of my plants. most of what i have is hardy, but given the fact that i had a late move around, and introduced a few new things, and also winter seems to have come earlier this year, i thought it best to protect one or two things, after all looks like it is going to be a long cold winter, and if the recent weather is anything to go by, better to be safe than sorry.

I have 2 young Phormiums, a new Loropetalum, a new Cotinus, my ‘Everlast’ Gerbera – that is suposed to be frost hardy, but seems to have suffered some frost damage, a baby dwarf Rhododendron, and a sick Rhododendron that were recently moved, and an iris with it’s crowns very close to the surface of the soil.

so out i went with my rescue kit, some bamboo canes, bag of fleece, ball of string and stapler.

i knew these bent bamboo canes that i found in Asda’s sale would come in handy!

there all snugged up for the winter, and if anyone is wondering, i used the stapler to secure the fleece around the canes, as it kept rising up with just the string..

garden looking a bit strange now…..

brings a new meaning to winter interest…more like the set from a very bad sci-fi movie.. lol

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I do hope you post that last photo separate from the blog. II deserves special attention! :-)

Alfred Hitchcock in your garden ... or Stephen King.

As for your "Everlast’ Gerbera – that is suposed to be frost hardy... " Nurseryment LIE!

BTW, back in the 60's two friends and I actually trespassed and slept in one of Alfred Hitchcock's villas.

This was in the Santa Cruz mts. and it was very much like a monestary. All the doors were open and the beds were made. We took advantage. Only later did we find out, and our bad dreams made sense.

14 Dec, 2008


What a great idea, Angie - I shall make use of that tip. Thanks.

In the dark, your garden must look like 'Ghost-town'. LOL. Sleep well, no nightmares! Whoooooo!!!!!

14 Dec, 2008


These look Snug Ang u did a Good Job There :)

14 Dec, 2008


Phormiums should be OK once you have got them through the first winter but the loropetalum will need covering every winter.
I use clothes pegs to secure my fleece

14 Dec, 2008


I'm waiting for my fleece to arrive. As soon as it does I will be out there, covering my Echiums and re doing my bananas.

Oh with a stapler as I think that is a fantastic piece of advice.

14 Dec, 2008


lol thanks all, and yes it is a bit spooky out there, they seem to shine up in the moonlight light, i'll repost on main streem in a mo, Skyline. you never know might have a double whamy and scare the cats and foxes off too, a bird of some sort was masicured night before last, feathers everywhere, and i saw a fox that same night out there, glad Brooke did'nt go up there to see it. and clothes pegs thats a good one, did'nt think of that, mind you the ones i have are not that stong, i remeber things blew of the line this summer, as they were cheap from pound shop, will need some better ones next year, still the staples seem to be working, i think most of what i have covered will be ok once established with out fleece, but thought it best to cover this year, i have my lovely new Coprosma, that is in the greenhouse, have'nt risked putting that out yet, will wait til spring, but that will have to be covered every year along with the Loropetalum, and this is a reall easy way of doing it. i'll keep you all posted on how succesful it was in spring.

15 Dec, 2008


Saw on news tonight this the coldest winter in 30 years.
Have been following Spritz and your comments on coprosma with interest - surprisingly ours not affected by heavy snow and frosts yet.

Shall leave them to their own devices and see if they survive.If so will report back as if survive up here this year may be safer for you in the south.

15 Dec, 2008


Thanks Bonkersbon, and good luck with your Coprosma, it's the first time i have grown them, myabe you will get away with it if yours is well established and in a sheltered spot, hope so. and yes i have herd simular weather reports, think i am ready for it now lol

16 Dec, 2008


thank you for this tip, and thanks to Spritz for pointing us in this direction. I have some of those canes so I will be out there (when it stops raining) just in time for the cold snap coming at the end of the week ;)))

8 Dec, 2009


ur welcome Grindle... i found this very effective last year and we did get a cold one... i have'nt put them up as yet myself yet this year, but i think i too will be out this week sorting out all my tender babies :-)

8 Dec, 2009

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