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Lost our beloved dog sniffy


Had a very upsetting couple of weeks. Our 15 year old dog sniffy sadly had to be put to sleep after a short illness. We will miss her terribly and there is now a massive void. We get comfort from knowing she is now layed to rest under the tree in our garden. ????

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oh that is so sad. I know you will be feeling a bit 'adrift'. however take comfort that she had a long and happy life with you and she was only ill for a very short time.

Having her in the garden is such a comfort I imagine.

1 Apr, 2017


Thankyou seaburngirl. Yes it definitely is.
We are not too bad now that she has been layed to rest under the tree.

1 Apr, 2017


So sorry to hear of your loss, it is very upsetting to lose a good friend, companion and one of the family, which they become after so many years. We lost our old mongrel after 15 years also, and it was a great wrench. Remember the good times you had with her, all her funny little ways and things she used to do to make you smile. It will get easier.

1 Apr, 2017


Thanks numbersfarn. Very true , and she sure did make us laugh many times. ?

1 Apr, 2017


Hi Maggie, I am so so sorry to read about Sniffy. The house and our lives feel empty when they go. Take care of yourselves. Jen

3 Apr, 2017


Aaahh thank you Jen. I'm considering getting another puppy but Gary doesn't want to. I will keep asking every now and then though and hopefully he may change his mind. Dogs really are like another member of the family.

Hope all is well with you and yours ?

3 Apr, 2017


You will notice a big difference if you get a puppy from a older dog. I did when I got shadow. Ben was 6 and easy and then we got Shadow and I didn't know what hit me! :-). Love him to bits and wouldn't be without him. We are all fine thanks, in fact spent morning ordering plants so im happy even if hubby's credit card isn't . Jen

3 Apr, 2017


Did you get anything nice jen? Hope you did ?
and Glad all is well too.
A puppy would have been my first choice but having said that and giving thought to what you said maybe a rescue dog a few years old or so that needs a home might be a good idea. Still down to Gary agreeing to it though and that's not quite happening just yet unfortunately ?

3 Apr, 2017


Don't get me wrong, having a puppy was fun but hubby really doesn't like dog crates so I had to have eyes in the back of my head 24/7. As they are sort of guard dogs coz what we do for living, they are not shut up say in Kitchen so they sleep on our bedroom floor so I think it took Shadow longer to realise what bedtime and nighttime was for. I had a few months of disburbed nights. Ordered some trailing pertunias, penstemons, and busy lizzie plugs from a online nursery called Brookside (used them before) and then ordered 9 Phlox from Crocus and then bought some Lupins so can't wait now for them all to arrive. :-).

4 Apr, 2017


Puppy training sounds hard going to me. Lol
The flowers/plants will be lovely once they have got going, hopefully they arrive in good condition too. ?

5 Apr, 2017


Sorry I'm late arriving but been having a lot of problems lately with Goy, think its sorted now so I'm playing catchup on the blogs.
Had to say how sorry I am for your loss Maggie, they are part of the family and it hurts to let go, you just have to think about all the love you gave and received in your beloved pets lifetime, it does help, we had to say goodbye to Morgan last Aug, he was my daughters choc/lab, 12yrs old and was a struggle for his last few months, we eventually got a little West Highland Terrier a few weeks ago and yes puppy training is so much fun, phew!!! I am worn out keeping up with Harriet, she is a proper little Madam, born on xmas day, our sitting room looks as though we have a toddler wrecking the place and I'm on my toes trying to educate her where she can/cannot go in my garden, at the moment I think we are level pegging...

6 May, 2017


Hi lincslass
Thanks so much for your kind words. She was definitely part of the family a real little character too. I'm so glad she is buried under tree in garden too as when I'm in the garden or watering under it I say hello to her, strange I know but gives me comfort. Sorry to hear of your lose with Morgan last year too. Hope your hearts have heeled. It can help ( I think) when you get a new puppy/dog again though. So it's good to hear you have little Harriet now, and all your hard work will pay off in the end you know! With it you will have a well trained little girl on your hands in no time ( fingers crossed as well ) lol
Have you got photos of her, would love to see them.
My hubby won't entertain the thought of getting another dog, but I would love another one. I will just have to keep on at him! Hopefully I will win in the end! Lol actually I wouldn't mind getting a highland terrier!! ?

7 May, 2017


Sorry... I missed this post when first published ..
Sniffy looks such a cute dog, and 15 years is an amazing age. You obviously looked after her very well indeed.

I hope it won't be too long before you are able to have another canine friend in your life. x x x

23 May, 2017


Awww! Sorry to hear your much loved "Sniffy" has passed away, such a sad time for all of you, Rest in Peace Sniffy, I hope you are somewhere nice. I hope his spirit has entered a puppy & he now lives on, this is the way I look at it, it makes me feel better. xx
I'm in Essex "Leigh-on-Sea" xx

24 May, 2017


Thankyou terra xx. I too really hope we can get another puppy/dog, sadly not up to me though. Fingers crossed he says yes in the end. It's not the same without a dog in the family. ?

24 May, 2017


Hi ladyessex. Thank you so much for your kind words. I too hope sniffy is somewhere nice, maybe a doggy heaven. And the thought of her spirit entering another puppy is a lovely thought! Thankyou. Xx
I know Leigh-on-sea, not far from me at all. We are in Chelmsford. Bet it's lovely there today in this heat! ?

24 May, 2017


Yep! Sun is out most of the time, cutting the grass once I get off of here LOL, I like Chelmsford, we visit Cameraworld there & pop into a little oldie worldie cafe there for Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel Slurp LOL x

24 May, 2017


Ooh sounds very nice. Do you know what the cafe is called. ?

24 May, 2017


Small Talk Tearooms, it lovely in there, when we go there I have a Bagel with Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, Hubby Barry has an Eggs Benedictine Bagel, Awww! Now you have mad my mouth water LOL Slurp!!!!!
Well worth a visit bu always busy so sometimes you have to wait in a Que for a table :o))

26 May, 2017


I know where you mean now. I walk past it many many times but I've never been in there. I'm glad you say it's good as I'm now going to definetly try it! That's always the way isn't it, some things that are right on your doorstep can get over looked! Will let you know when I've been in there! ?

27 May, 2017


Losing a beloved animal is awful, specially when you have yuo say goodbye at the vets. When I needed to have my 20 year old cat, Jack put to sleep I stroked him and spoke to him as the needle went in, and I swear he was smiling as he died. He will never be forgotten, and now I have his sister, Jilly, in her 22nd year, to keep going. Needless to say, she gets all my love!

5 Aug, 2017

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