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March 28th OK We are going to have a Birthday Party in our web page and ...


By lujean


It is going to be my Birthday on April 9th and you are all invited how fun will that be just bring me your favorit picture and I will put it in my favoits for my Birthday. I love the idea so everyone plan on April 9th to come have cup of tea and just hang out with me..

I went as swam yesterday with hubby HELLO that is more work than in my graden. I like the graden work better but I will do it for my Hubby likes me with him. Life is short is is not always what we want that counts but what we can do for others. I have lived this line my whole life and I believe it. I read today that what we sew comes back to us and I believe that as well. So I sew a gift to all of you this day on March 28th 2009 may you love one another as we have been taught long before this life love one another and give and give and give of your self. If you are haveing a hard time then you must look at what you are doing and you must change not anyone around you but it is YOU that must do the changing. I know this is ture for I have seen the change in me and it has brought peace and prosparity and joy and love and may miracles every day. So come one come all to a party plan you picture and lets have some fun together. I do hope you will all enjoy this next week it will get better the warm weather is comming. So just take easy if you have rain or cold or sleet we will see the sun and feel our feet on the grass soon. I love you all and Hope you have a beautiful day reading from one another you all give me such hope and joy thank you for your love. Everyone I will be carving today something to post for my Birthday in my graden So I will work on that for you. Have a joyful day and look inside to see what needs to be weeded out so you can move forward in your own life. This is the KEY we must keep moving forward.

Love you all Iam on a journey of love

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My birthday gift to you Lujean :-) I am away on the 9th for 2 weeks. Have a nice birthday.

Past, Present and Future.

Yesterday was yesterday,
Today is today,
Tomorrow is never ending...
as another will follow.

Treasure yesterdays memories,
Embrace todays voice,
March on into tomorrow
and always rejoice.....

Lynne - 28/3/09

28 Mar, 2009


What a beautiful poem.............

28 Mar, 2009


I second that, its lovely have copied it out hope thats ok!!! Another of my favourites is 'Desdirata' it has 6 verses so too long for here but one is:-

Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself,
You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here,
And whether or not it is clear to you no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
by Max Ehrmann 1920s

And that is a lovely blog, thankyou lujean

28 Mar, 2009


I always enjoy the Desiderata - I used to have a copy on my office wall. I found it helpful.

28 Mar, 2009


Writing poetry is another spare time passion of mine, I find it a great way of expressing everything :-) I will have have to Google for the full Desidarata poem, sounds lovely

29 Mar, 2009


A wonderful blog Lujean and the poems too.....full of insight.
I'm sure we Garden People feel at one with the Earth and a small part of the greater whole. You have made me smile...thanks for that...........:o) X

29 Mar, 2009

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