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Winters almost here


By lori_


Wow this morning all was white with the frost, the temp had dropped to -2 and again tonight ! must remember to use the fleece yet again in the greenhouse .
I just hope i don’t lose my Lettuce etc seedling to these freezing nights.

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Save the Lettuce!
Sounds like something you would read on a campaign I am making similar efforts to get my lettuce and spinach etc. seedlings to grow in my new poly greenhouse. but the temps here seem to be regulating a little so fingers crossed.
Not to say that my cold is anywhere near yours Lori, BRRR! I don't think I could stand it. Keep warm!

28 Nov, 2008


You know i only live about 1hr or so from you, but living on the coast i escape some of the frost, it was very cold this morning, but there was only a bit of frost on the roofs, and it was only a little bit, hope your lettuce is ok.

28 Nov, 2008


O, I think I made an error. I wasn't really paying close attention and thought you were the Lori in Canada. My mistake, what zone are you there in Manchester. I think it is probably close to mine here in Atlanta. Zone 7?

28 Nov, 2008


Yes, I have noticed we have two Lori on the forum, don't know how Peter and Ajay let that slip by.

28 Nov, 2008


How do you use fleece in the greenhouse?

28 Nov, 2008


The forecast sais we're in for a few cold nights Lori. Wrap yourself and those lettuce seedlings up well.

28 Nov, 2008


I have to admit that I get confused between the two Loris as well. I didn't think the computer system allowed the same name for two members.

Yes, we have fog AND frost tonight. YUK!

28 Nov, 2008


~tonight I have put a layer of fleece across the shelves of one of my large plastic greenhouses~`draped with plenty of folds the plants will be fine!

28 Nov, 2008


Lori - how about we call you LoriUK ?

29 Nov, 2008


Ahhh that's how you use fleece...not over the plants..

30 Nov, 2008


Using fleece in the greenhouse has hopefully saved my seedlings ..i cover the trays over with the fleece as we had even lower temps last night (-3) i doubled the fleece so here's hoping !!!

2 Dec, 2008


Seeing as there are 2 of us Lori's adding the uk's fine by me lol

2 Dec, 2008


Brr woke to thick snow on the ground, will post some pics later for you to see. usually we are lucky if we see snow in january ! my son went to college this morning only to come back after finding it closed !
Seems in the uk we can't deal with snow we tend to shut the schools as well Hmm

2 Dec, 2008


Hi wohlibuli,
im not sure we have zones in the uk but i am from the north west of the uk not far from Clarice in blackpool..gosh i'd hate to be near the coast in this weather : 0

2 Dec, 2008


My Lori_ has the line added i think that is why they passed it ! i would be glad to change it to lori uk if i knew how ?

2 Dec, 2008


The weather this year seems strange everywhere LoriUK!
We don't usually get really cold until mid Jan. but we got our first freeze in Oct and it has been in the 20's and 30's most every night since. We even had a sprinkle of snow on Monday!
Snow here is quite a joke, like you said everything closes down, it has become very funny because if the TV weather people mention the word snow, the grocery stores brace for a run on bread and milk.
We are more likely to get ice storms here and those are BAD!
Hope we don't get any this winter!
I put a heater in the greenhouse and hopefully I won't lose anything, so far so good!

3 Dec, 2008


Ohh ice storms they are the worst ! not that i think we have them hear but sure can imagine them after seeing them on tv ! it would mean batten down the hatches quick and buy out the bread and milk lol!
when i was a child we had bad winters not like now just an odd day or 2 but weeks on end where we would have snow blizzards which would last for weeks with minus temps in the day too.. they were the days having fun in the snow and sliding down the ice ridden hills , great fun :)

3 Dec, 2008

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