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Welcome to my veg garden!


Here’s my veg garden! We moved in our new house in November last year and my other half (who’s a carpenter by trade) has been busy making me my little picket fence and solid raised beds. I’m proud to say that all the materials have been recycled from elsewhere and the only thing we have had to buy in was the topsoil and the greenhouse/cold frame! The materials used for the fence was all the old stuff that was going to be thrown away by the company my other half works for and cos he is the manager there he got to take some stuff away, including the old paint. The beams for the beds come from an old barn they were renovating and we think they must be in excess of 60 years old but they still have plenty of life left in them!

This is my first “real” year of growing anything and I want to do it as “green” and organic as possible, recycling everything and anything! The shed is full of plastic bottles and yoghurt pots!!!

Ideally I want my garden to be as natural and as fun as possible, I’m trying to create a cottage type garden, but it’s going to be a long stretch as the garden was completely empty when we moved in (it’s a new build you see) so there is nothing to take cuttings from (apart from the hazel) and there are horrible metal fences bordering our garden, I’m going to try and grow some climbers up them to cover them up a bit.

Another important factor for my garden is my son who is 19 months old – note to me – put a lock on the veg gate!

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There's nothing nicer than fresh stuff from the garden that you grow yourself. I love your fence, and the raised beds are a good idea. It looks great, and the things you grow will taste great aswell.

6 May, 2008


Good luck with your new projects! I love the fence.

6 May, 2008


Hope your boy isn't as engineeringly minded as mine! Not found a lock yet that can keep that boy out!! Veg beds look great -enjoy

7 May, 2008

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