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At last it`s stopped raining!


And I for one am so pleased that I can set foot outside without the threat of either being washed away or blown over…lol! I even managed to get some washing dry this afternoon. Before starting any gardening however I decided a cup of coffee would be nice so cofee and jaffa cake in hand I sat outside on the bench. Out of nowhere came Perry with his treasured woollen glove in his mouth and proceeded to tear around the garden at what seemed like 100 miles per hour…then it happened….with the lawn being as wet as it is as he tried to stop he went into a slide which continued until he flew through a flower bed right into the wooden fence panel head first. Perry of course being the great galumph that he is, wasn`t hurt, he`d need a brain for!No, all that was damaged was the lovely dahlia "Bishop of Llanduff`. The main stem had broken off at ground level leaving it with a small stem that with luck might still give me a few flowers. Perry didn`t wait to be shouted at, he disappeared indoors almost as fast as his legs would carry him!

Since I took this photo I`ve put a support on the remaining stems and can now only hope for the best…darn dog…lol!

Tiarella `Wherryi`, I picked this up in the sale section at work and paid just £2.49 for it, it was just what I was looking for and a bargain too.

I was pleased to see the red peppers ripening at last, this one will probably find its way into a salad very soon.

I now have all the ingredients to make Shirley`s plum cake and will have a go tomorrow…I can`t wait!

This afternoon my new camera that Jim bought for me arrived. I haven`t even seen it yet as he has only just opened the package but as soon as I can I`ll be out there snapping away.

How lovely to see primroses again, even if it is still August. :o)

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I'm sick of all the rain now too :-(
I'm glad 'you' got outside though :-)
Perry's lucky to get off without a yelling-at ;-)

27 Aug, 2010


You have forgiven him, haven't you ? Our weather is very similar to yours, showers this morning, a little sunshine this afternoon so I was able to deadhead a few plants, haven't been able to do that for a few days, either too wet or too windy ! Your Primroses look healthy, mine are very tatty leaved specimens... lol !

27 Aug, 2010


While it has been raining...I have been waiting for my new mower to be it is here....I cannot wait to finish the lawn...also got a whole load of very heavy rocks to put round the pond aswell.. therefore I will be very grateful if the rain does not return for the next week or so.... :)))

27 Aug, 2010


poor Perry lol,your peppers are looking great LD,no rain here today been like a summers day but gone cold tonight :o)

27 Aug, 2010


know how you feel about rain sandra we had two whole months of it here ;o((
silly perry hahaha and poor dahlia, know about that one, casper keeps pouncing into my budeja buzz plants for butterflies and breaking stems with lovely blooms on them grrr, but even though i could scream i havent the heart to, good luck with your new camera to sandra ;o)) x

27 Aug, 2010


Another one with primulas blooming again! Poor Bishop - at least you can enjoy the blooms in a vase.

28 Aug, 2010

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