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Of course blogs often bring to mind past experiences and Arlene’s blog brought on a discussion of woodpeckers. which brings me to my story.
5 years ago when I first moved into the home that I am now living, approximately 4 months after moving in, the furnace started making this horrible racket. The house was still comfortably warm. Each time we heard the noise we would go to the basement to try and find the source of the noise. Speaking to a co-worker I stated it sounded like the furnace was possessed. Thinking I would have to call a repair man in, but not wanting to part with my money and I was still comfortable the call had not yet been made. After about 4 – 6 weeks of listening to this noise…I was outside (guess what I was doing) working in my garden and I heard a noise. It was quite different from what I hear in the house but wondered if it was the noise from the furnace. I heard it again and my gaze fell upon a Yellow Shafted Flicker

this photo borrowed from Wikipedia

It was perched nicely on the metal cap of the vent of our furnace…I wondered? could this be our furnace noise? I stepped inside the house and waited for Mr. Flicker to drum the furnace vent again. It only took a few seconds and I knew. I started laughing so hard and when my husband at the time came to see what it was all about I had a hard time speaking due to the laughter.

I believe it took only 3 ceremonies to end the possession. And only a few dirt clods to perform the exorcism.

Believe me amplified through the furnace system it did not sound like a woodpecker drumming.
I’m so glad I didn’t call the repair man LOL.
despite the possession they are very beautiful birds.


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What a wonderful bird and great blog - no wonder you laughed.

8 Jun, 2009


It is a beautiful bird - great blog.

8 Jun, 2009

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