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Excellent programme. Suggest to the team to remember that some bumblebees/humblebees need to nest in long grass – leave small area, perhaps margin or interesting shape uncut. Why not combine this with wildflower annuals?

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The main problem I had with it was that it was a bit like 'Ground Force' in that it was all instant gardening - what did those mature trees cost????

However, it did show that a garden can be beautiful AND wild-life friendly, so full marks for that! Lovely to see the voles, wasn't it!

19 Nov, 2008


The whole program seemd a bit superficial to me - they didn't go into anything in any detail. Was there a reason for the pergola? There was mention of a climber - which one and why was it chosen? Lots of grasses - again which ones and why? What flowering plants were used?
I thought it was a good opportunity missed

19 Nov, 2008


Good point Andrewr i didnt notice that until u just Mentioned None of the Plants/Grasses names Given ? Of Course People will want2Know Plants Names ect so they Know what attracts/helps Wildlife! I myself still enjoyed it & will watch again next wk :D

19 Nov, 2008


I thought it disappointing and wish I had stayed with the football. I agree, very Ground Force, and most people can't shift 10 tons of concrete and plant mature trees over a weekend.

19 Nov, 2008


I also felt it was an excuse for a return of the instant garden 'makeover' programmmes.

I'm sure each makeover must cost an absolute fortune.

I didn't feel that the finished garden had the 'wow' factor in terms of overall design and planting schemes.

I will be interested to see how the future programmes develop.

19 Nov, 2008


enjoyed some of it like seeing the voles, but overall i didnt learn a thing from watching it lol.
and thanks to my son for giving up the footie on tv to let me watch it

19 Nov, 2008


I nearly fainted when I saw that lorry load of trees , it,s not for " normal gardeners " is it ......
As you say there were no names much to help the beginner , it was nice to see that it encouraged the wildlife though ........

20 Nov, 2008


I agree with a lot of comments already made - too much emphasis on construction and machinery trying to beat time. Not enough on what plants and why.
I don't know if I'll watch it again - maybe I'll give it one more try.
There were water voles in the river opposite my old cottage. None here though.

20 Nov, 2008


I was out yesterday evening - but sounds like I didn't miss much! I'm starting to think that my garden is very wildlife friendly, even tho that wasn't a particular aim with any of it - just a few mature shrubs and a hedge for nesting, plenty of nectar rich flowers, my little pond, the usual pile of rubbish whcih never seems to get any bigger or smaller, shrubs that produce berries over the winter and a patch of nettles at the bottom. So why all the emphasis on the design of the garden in the show? Why not just describe projects to people so they can do one litttle thing on the weekend to encourage wildlife?

20 Nov, 2008

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