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Saturday sunshine.


By kate123


We enjoyed another warmish day here, 19 degrees, despite the wind.
Cloudy at times, sunshine for a lot of the day, fortunately.
We laid some turf out back and a little out front. Lots of digging, prep and topsoil and watering in.
I removed my bulbs from a couple of areas, after they were munched on by creatures lurking.
I planted a couple of new pines, and an anenome. I still have to find somewhere to plant the new Myrtle Flambineau. Goodness knows where it’ll go. I couldn’t resist it – evergreen, summer flowers and autumn berries. Plus colourful foliage. I wonder if it could survive being potted up?
It was nice to potter, tidy round and feel the sunshine. Things are starting to wake up in the garden, gradually. I thoroughly enjoyed being out there for several hours today. I hope you’ll all had a lovely day in the garden too!


One of the Acers. Can’t recall it’s name :-(

Nemesia. Flowers almost all of the 12 months!!!

Saxifrage starting to bloom.

The tallest Acer, close up.

The 2 newly planted Pines.

Little lush spot on the rockery.

This hellebore is still flowering, it has been my best this past few months, for flowering period.

Pulsatilla Vulgaris.

Ajuga, Burgundy Glow.

Faded hellebore.

Anenome flower.

Lots of little flowers on one of my 3 Pieris.

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lovely blog kate.
Of course you can pot up the Myrtle, just go up a little bit in pot size so the roots can get in and settle. But don't plant out for about 6 weeks to allow new roots to grow.

I have saxifrage coming into flower too but the various slugs have nibbled soooo much.
Very windy today too and same again tomorrow.

Did you know there is a rare plant fair at Elleker House Everingham tomorrow. We [HPS E Yorks] have a stall there. The garden is amazing at this time of year so it is well worth a look.

6 Apr, 2024


Love your pines and that beautiful Anemone Kate. The first Acer could be A. Shirasawanum otherwise known as Jordan?

6 Apr, 2024


Lovely photos as always Kate. Gorgeous colour. It was a lovely sunny day. I managed to get out in my garden pm. Was in our local museum all morning,I help out there, 3 times a month.

6 Apr, 2024


Aw thanks Eileen, pleased you liked the pics!
I appreciate your advice regarding the Myrtle, it's really helpful. I'll do this today.
I was surprised my saxifrage actually appeared this Spring..usually it's munched to within a inch of its life! There's still time though! I hope yours survives!
It's very windy this morning, more so than yesterday maybe? Looks like we may get a little passing shower? Good for the new turf 🤞
Thank you for letting me know about the plant fair today. It would be great to try and get there. We are over at OH's mum today, sorting things out there, inside and out. If I get any time, I'd definitely try to get there. I do appreciate your message.

7 Apr, 2024


Thank you, Sheila! That's great to know! To be honest, I lost lots of labels several years ago when we knocked the old sged down. I wasn't great at filing them as well as I try to do now. I appreciate you naming this one for me 🤗
Thank yiu for liking the new purchases too.

7 Apr, 2024


Thanks so much, Josee. That is lovely.
I'm pleased you managed to get out later yesterday's in your garden, you'll have enjoyed catching some afternoon sunshine.
I can imagine you thoroughly enjoy your time helping out in your local museum!!!! All that history! Something I really love.

7 Apr, 2024


Thanks so much, Klahanie!!! That's really kind of you to say.

7 Apr, 2024


You have such a lot of colour in your garden Kate!
I am looking for another shrub and you have made me think about the Myrtle. Although I don't want a tall one and don't know how tall this one is.
I shall look it up now!

7 Apr, 2024


I like the pines very much, Kate, and your plants seem to be steaming ahead. I'm trying to envisage your new layout - there seems to be so much to do outside at the moment, doesn't there?

7 Apr, 2024


lovely blog Kate, quite a bit happening in your garden at the moment, I was looking at your acer with some interest because they are well in front of mine regarding the show of leaves, mine are just starting to sprout theirs's now, must be at least few weeks behind you

8 Apr, 2024


Lots of pretty plants enjoying the sunshine Kate! I agree with Sheila the lime green Acer looks like Jordan which a few of us are growing now and enjoy chatting about. Yours looks fab how tall is it Kate please?

9 Apr, 2024

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