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By kate123


I’d been to visit my parents and family in Ayrshire. I took the train up, which wasn’t very pleasant at all. I went up last Saturday early morning and returned Wednesday evening.
4 changes! The Leeds to Lancaster train on the way up last Saturday had football supporters aboard and the language was awful. Plus the horrid aromas – 2 hours endured on this particular part of the trip.I took 4 trains again on the return journey, I couldn’t wait to get home!
I was hoping to take some pictures, but, it rained and rained all the time.
I have posted a pic of Carnforth Station which was the station where they filmed the wonderful “Brief Encounter”. Plus, a lovely snap of our green and pleasant land travelling through North Yorkshire.
Oh and my parents neighbours climber looking very autumnal clambering over her old brick wall. I zoomed in, apologies its not the best pic.

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Oh Kate that sounds horrendous. So many train changes, I'd hate that too. You have some lovely photos to show, I absolutely love the first with the trailing plants turning colour.
I didn't know Brief Encounter had filmed at Carnforth. That was my Mums favourite film.
Pleased your back and safe at home..

29 Oct, 2022


Thank you, Klahanie. Public transport and travel is definitely getting worse! I did have a lovely time catching up with my parents face to face ( video call each other regularly), plus seeing my sister and her family too.
Thank you for your lovely comment 😊

29 Oct, 2022


Aw thank you, Janey! It was something I'd avoid doing unless necessary. Around my parents, the roads were being resurfaced including pavements and paths too. Big job with lots of disruption and access issues. I thought I'd let the 'train' take the strain...I should have changed my visit dates!!!
Thank you for liking my little blog and pics. I'm pleased I've posted the pic of Carnforth, especially as Brief Encounter was your Mum's favourite film! I didn't realise ot had been filmed there either..

29 Oct, 2022


“Brief Encounter” is one of my favorite films and I purchased it to add to my film library. It’s one of those films that I look at at least once or twice a month and each time I do I always see something different. Celia Johnson played her part wonderfully in it as well as her character in another movie by Noel Coward , “This Happy Breed.” This blog is a real treat for me Kate...Thank You!

30 Oct, 2022


liked this not coz you had a horrendous train journey but because you got time with your family. so important these days.

30 Oct, 2022


Loved your pics. Long-distance travel in this country is turning into a nightmare whichever way you do it.

30 Oct, 2022


Sorry to hear of your unpleasant train journey due to the football fans. I had a similar experience once at Euston station when I was going to visit family in Manchester, & the litter they left behind was horrendous as well.
Anyway, I’m glad you were able to make the visit & Ty for the nice photos.

30 Oct, 2022


Thank you, Loosestrife! I'm so pleased to hear my blog resonated with you, especially as the film is a favourite of yours. I was unaware until the train pulled in to the station and thought, well, how wonderful! It made the earlier part of the journey seem worth it to catch sight of Carnforth. I did see some people were going in to the 'tearoom' which had 'Brief Encounter ' emblazoned above the door. I may have to try and see this for myself next time I drive up. It'll be a detour from my usual route, but worth it!
I've also seen 'This Happy Breed', another lovely film! Can't beat an old movie!!! Proper actors and wonderful stories back then.

30 Oct, 2022


Thank you, Eileen, I appreciate your like. Yes, it was horrid but definitely worth it to see all the family! I think for me, it's when you're travelling alone and you've simply minutes to catch your next connection. It is the downside unfortunately..
Oh and loud and drunken footie fans...they can be humorous, but, usually noisy, swearing and those smells...thankfully I switched trains!

30 Oct, 2022


Thanks kindly, Ange. Yes, between strikes and packed's not the making of a pleasant time for anyone...

30 Oct, 2022


Aw thank you, Josee. I can fully empathise! It sounds like you endured a much longer journey with the football fans! It's when the alcohol comes out and the ongoing chants start! Crikey! I can't believe the amount of alcohol they drink...I'm pretty sure many of them don't even make it to the match!
You're right, it was worth it to get to see my family! Pleased you liked the pics, albeit slightly blurry. My parents neighbour is in a bungalow opposite, she is now suffering terribly with dementia. It's so very sad. She has carers most of the day and overnight too. She was such a lovely, good humoured lady.

30 Oct, 2022


The roads aren't much better, Kate, are they? So much being dug up on m'ways and even the small roads round here: building works and cabling. Even small journeys often make me murderous (:-) with the stop-go! Rant over..

30 Oct, 2022


You’re so right, Ange! I can rant with the best! 😁
It’s the reason I took the train(s), work being done at my parents, around where their little town is.
In our city centre, they’re restructuring the main road in to and out of the city. The plan is an underpass tunnel for through traffic and local traffic will veer off prior to this on slip roads leading to a roundabout above the tunnel - if this makes sense. 5 year project. We’re 2 years in…🙁

30 Oct, 2022


I do sympathise with you Kate! That sounded an awful journey and I am surprised the youths ( I presume they were youths) weren't told to be quiet by the porter.
That is if he was around!
I have heard so many bad stories about train travel now!
We used to love going by train years ago, but will stick to driving now.
Your pictures especially the one with the plants.
Would that have been Boston Ivy?

30 Oct, 2022


Thank you, Rose. I have to agree, train travel used to be quite pleasant and enjoyable, especially looking out at the land or seascapes...
The porter did try several times to relay that if they didn't calm down, the police would be contacted and they'd have to get off at the next station. There was one large group of young lads, I'd say 17 to late 20s, I think! However, when I was getting off, the group behind me were 40s to late 50s. I think they seemed to be flagging as I was approaching Lancaster. Probably due to too much alcohol! They were Barnsley fans on their way to Morecambe.
It definitely wasn't like travelling on the lovely old train to Goathland in North Yorkshire!!!
I did wonder if it was a Boston Ivy, Rose. I didn't like to get too close, the other neighbours may have spotted me! This pic was taken from a window discreetly! 😉
I had to zoom in, so it's not the best pic.

30 Oct, 2022


I hope the lads calmed down then Kate!
The porter may also have been a bit nervous as youths can sometimes turn on a person.

30 Oct, 2022


I think he was quite nervous as you say, Rose. I just thought, what a stressful job at times!

30 Oct, 2022


Alls well that ends well Kate - now its time to get your breath back! It was interesting to see Carnforth station - I didn't know Brief Encoounter was filmed there, but its near where my cousin came from and I hadn't seen it before. The moral of this story is don't Travel by Train on Saturdays!

31 Oct, 2022


You’re so right there, Sue! Definitely won’t travel by train on a Saturday again - if I can help it!!! Football fanaticals..most unpleasant! Well, mixed with alcohol and swearing that is.
Yea, I was pleasantly surprised when we came in to Carnforth station. It was a nice thing to see…I really must try to stop off there en route next time. When I’m travelling by car! 😉

2 Nov, 2022

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