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Seed story of European Union



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Well - that is extremely interesting, worrying and - I should say - immoral! But "business-like", of course!

2 Nov, 2013


This is as if communists sit in the European Parliament.
Absolutely identical behaviour.
We even heard from Wikileaks, that there is group of the richest people in the world - all their names are listed - who wish to change definite precondition, that people have right for drinking water. They want to change it that it is not one of the basic human rights.

3 Nov, 2013


This is what the EU want and its worrying that alot of heirloom seeds will not be available and also they is a real chance that some seed companies will go bust have a look at the link below

3 Nov, 2013


He who controls food and water, controls mankind. That´s it.
Monsanto is one attempt of a Bad Lodge.

3 Nov, 2013


This summer Monsanto has got ban for entry on European Union market, as far as I know, but I didn follow later events.

3 Nov, 2013


Moreover, some gm seeds will develop into plants which are not able to propagate by their own seeds. Absolutely against the nature.

3 Nov, 2013


But so good for lining the pockets!

3 Nov, 2013


I've signed a petition but hard to know what else we can do. Its criminal and difficult to see how they can get away with it.

3 Nov, 2013


Steragram@Well done!

3 Nov, 2013

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