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Manor house and park in Budmerice (Sk)


Just few glimpses at the park and manor house in Budmerice, which I like so much in the autumn season. It was built in 1889 in the so-called “pseudo gothic style”. Inspirations for this building were French castles on Loire. The legend says that count Palffy fell in love with a French noblewoman and decided to rebuild and build all his old and new castles in a style of castles on Loire in France. However, till he finished, the lady got married – what was very reasonable, I guess.
Palffy family owned this manor house till WWII. In 1945 their estate was taken over by Czechoslovak government for so-called cooperation with Germans. In fact, it was mainly because of their nationality. Later the place become leisure place for Czech and Slovak writers.

Beautiful park is surrounded by remnants of a former pheasantry. You can still notice parts of the brick wall separating park from the woods.

The most prevalent tree here is my beloved oak tree. The most paternal of all trees. It is said, that it can save other trees from stroke of lightning, which cost its life sometimes. As you can see, there is oak and Oak. One is tall and cylinder shaped, the other one has shorter trunk and very elongated branches.

I loved this group of white bark pines.

Another pine tree. With storey, typical for very old pines.

And again oak tree and shelter.

Let´s have a look what is behing the manor house.

A neglected garden.

Still full of fruits. A good garden is recognized by good crops.

In woods nearby the park I noticed this strange thing. What do you guess, what is it? It looks like lost airscrew, doesn´t it. No, it isn´t…

They are roots of a passed oak tree.

A narrow path out from the woods…

And again a park. Green, tidy, spreading to the horizon.

This was fantastic discovery. Two trees – oak and pine, were for decades growing together, leaning on each other. And so they died.

This would be sad, if…there wasn´t a child.

Oak woods, my beloved.

Budmerice, see you again in better times.

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The oak tree has really been allowed to spread it branches! i often think about trees being given space to grow so they can really get a spread on those old branches of theirs :) if given that i have seen trees that the branches all the way around the tree will root down into the earth so it stays grounded unmoveable...

A bit like when you watch the opening scene in the WALT/D film alice in wonderland!! and you see little alice asleep in the trees branches!!! trees like that...

wonderful crops :) and love the Architecture manor house!!! thank you for blog! from jane...

3 Sep, 2013


What a beautiful place Katarina - thank you for sharing it with us.
You've captured the mood of the place perfectly! Oh, to be young and have some lovely adventures running around the gardens.

3 Sep, 2013


Hi Jane, I am afraid I didn´t see the Walt Disney film you have mentioned, so I do not know what is the tree you are speaking about. But Taxus baccata usually spreads by this way and thus keeps itself immortal. Thank you very much, Scottish. I wish to be younger, too :-))

3 Sep, 2013


Thank you Snoopdog :-)

4 Sep, 2013


Lovely trees in a beautiful park.I did like the story of the two trees and their baby- it would be nice if when the baby matures someone remembers the story.

4 Sep, 2013


It is traditional way of rescuing old diseased trees, of course, some do not have sprouts at the base, so it is impossible. I wtote about it last year. We have a special group of people, who take care for old trees. If you look on my photos from previous week, you ´will find photo of a young oak tree, shooting from the base of 300 year old trunk.

4 Sep, 2013


Lovely blog Katarina . . . thank you very much for sharing your outing :)

8 Sep, 2013

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