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shrubs and daffs


By kanaf


the question is whether to take the forsythia out of the garden or enjoy the fire every spring . the daffs are coming into bloom specials from tescos . the primroses are fighting for space. last chance to prune the david austin roses lightly and start to feed them ready for displays from may to christmas.
should i reshape the garden with box plants or add to the herb garden this spring .will the dahlias be too early to plant from the garden centre.

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Hi Kanaf, Welcome to GoY. You seem to have a lot to do in your garden. I like Forsythia. I'd leave it - maybe prune it a bit, but it's up to you really.

8 Mar, 2009


Welcome to GOY

8 Mar, 2009


Hi Kanaf, I would leave the forsythia. I have one that I was given a few years ago before I got into gardening & never really took much notice. Then, when I got into gardening a couple of years ago, I thought it was a tree shape and pruned as such, lol. Actually, it looks nice as this shape. It's just getting new growth now.

Is it time to prune roses now? I have one rather sorry specimen (don't know what sort) but it has stayed in bloom all through this horrible winter. Should I cut when it still has flowers?

Have you any pics?


8 Mar, 2009


I know some people dislike forsythia because it's such a bright yellow. One way to tone the display down a little is to plant white daffodils, such as 'Ice Folly', in front of it

8 Mar, 2009


Forsythia is very popular here in the southern US, almost every home has one in the yard (garden). I think they can be absolutely gorgeous, the problem with most of them is that no one knows how to prune them properly, so as time goes on they don't have many flowers. They are one of the first blooms in this area and can be very pretty with daffodils, even if they are both yellow!

8 Mar, 2009


I like Forsythia, but I grow the slightly paler yellow ones.

I think it's too early to plant Dahlias outside, I am going to put mine in pots first.

Welcome from me, as well!

8 Mar, 2009


welcome to Goy Kanaf, if you take the forsythia out what will you put in its place? Like many I like the bright early colour it provides. Like Spritz my dahlias were put into pots yesterday in the unheated greenhouse. I use big pots and put the pots in the ground and then it is easy to lift them in the autumn.

box plants or herbs? well thinking of my stomach again I'd go for the herbs. :o)

8 Mar, 2009

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