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sorry but my computer went down dont know why but seems ok now, yes no one seems to bother about anything these days ,as you say about scrumping my worse thing was, knock a door run,and i got a few clips behind my ears too,(my mother didnt get any compensation though, wonder why?) ha ha

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I 'borrowed' my Mum's best purse once to play jokes on people passing in the street, I had tied some string to it and laid it on the pavement while we were all sat on a bench a few yards away, as someone went to pick it up I yanked it out of their reach with the string.I got a terrific roasting and a few clips around the ears 'coz I had scraped the side of the purse and ruined it, no supper fer me that night.

4 Oct, 2009


Hee Hee I threw a snowball at a policemans helmet and he marched me home and my dad gave me a smack up every stair (the one and only time he ever did!!) even now when a policeman follows me I get nervous but it did teach me not to chuck snowballs at policemen (although the people at the bus stop.... well thats another story!!!)
I work with lots of children on my estate and they just have no respect for the Police or anyone in authority - but saying that they can quote the law to you if you dare to have a go at them but I do find that if you are honest with them they seem to respect you back.

5 Oct, 2009


But Genuisscuffy why should they be different from the rest of society today? Where is the respect? The programmes on TV, and adverts portray greed and grab grab grab as normal. Look at their role models, the foorballers and popstars.I do agree though, that if you speak to them as one human being to another they do often respond well.
I don't think everything is worse now though, some things are just more open and honest, not always nice.

5 Oct, 2009


Your dead right there Geniusscuffy they can quote it chapter and verse, but yes most of them do listen if you treat them right, it's just the small minority that only have one aim in life and that is to create havoc and unrest wherever they go.

6 Oct, 2009

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