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House of Katmandu.


Hi folks,while on hols in Palmanova, we went for a walk to Magalluf & came across this new attraction for tourists..i thought i would show you some pics.
it is an upside down Tibetan style mansion.

first 3 pics are in the entrance.

then into this maze of mirrors with wind coming through the floor..

i think i scared him

no i didnt put my hand in the ice holes..i know i am a wimp..
i did make a wish though.

this young man,

aged as you passed.

the man rattled the door shouting as you pass..scared the life out of me.

lifesize ancestral head .

two mechanical..“things” .

H2o piano, OH had to try it..

another organ.. OH just had to try ..

over the bridge..

to another swaying bridge,where the walls spun around & you feel like you are too..

Napoleon is hiding in this pic…(not very well)

Can you find 5 faces in this one ?

no i didnt put my head in the now i was scared of my own shadow lol.

this statue had a hologram face & was talking, a lady ghost appeared at the back of him .

made of ivory & gold.

the next 2 are made from matches, far to many buildings to take pics of them all,Hogwarts..

now he just had to have a go at this..

right way up ?

or maybe not.

these carvings are made in the form of tiny bodies.

this robot sprays you with water as you pass him.

creaking & swinging over your head..i was sure it was going to snap & fall..

on the way out now.

Sirena a mermaid skeleton..i hope you can see it with the flash from my camera on the glass..

there is a bar & diner also a 4D cinema which we did not go into..

i hope you enjoyed this little trip, too many things inside to take pics of them all..if you did enjoy it ..that will be 17 euros each please..payable in GC vouchers of course.

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Thankyou for the wonderful trip,I loved the Jade boat, Wonderful :)

17 Dec, 2011


Thanks Sue, just a pity photos were not better but some parts were a bit darker than others & must not have had camera on right settings..

17 Dec, 2011


Found the five faces...where were you again...Palma Nova?? Best 'Ghost Train' I've ever been on! :)))

17 Dec, 2011


Yes Karen,Some spell it as you have & others the way I have for some was like a ghost train..without the had to watch your step in there, lots to look at too..:o)

17 Dec, 2011


I dinnae ken how to spell it really, Joanella! lol! :/
...still the best 'Ghost Train'...with or without wheels...

...even scarier on foot.... :/ :)

17 Dec, 2011


Lol have got a bit of an accent I

17 Dec, 2011


It's no my fault, Joanella...been on GoY too long... I blame Bloomer........! ;)

17 Dec, 2011


lol, poor Bloomer getting the blame..its ok my Oh speaks your language..i still cant understand him..(when it suits me ) lol..

17 Dec, 2011


long time since i was in palma nova joan, boys were young but i like it there, this looks a fun place to go, great pics joan :o))

17 Dec, 2011


Thanks Sandra..we have been there a few times..yes this was a fun place but not cheap..if there are a few of you & the 4D cinema was not included in the entrance fee..worth it though :o)

17 Dec, 2011


lol! Good to get acquainted (sorry about the spelling-still looks wrong!)!!!

17 Dec, 2011


Amazing blog - thanks for sharing. I can only see 4 faces in that picture!

17 Dec, 2011


Took me a while, Sheilar, but there are five.

17 Dec, 2011


cool - loved it , I know the spinning wall effect which makes the illusion you are going around they have it at Alton towers in the ghost house. Would love to try some of those bottles :D So what was in the holes then did you ask ??? lol can only see plants in the 5 faces picture :D cool blog Joanella :)))))))))))))))))))))

18 Dec, 2011


Maybe if you try a little of whatever was in the bottles, you'd see the faces, Paul!

18 Dec, 2011


yes haha I agree there :DDDD

18 Dec, 2011


Phew ! I'm glad to come out from there lol :D

18 Dec, 2011


Brill blog enjoyed every sec of it thanks for sharing.

18 Dec, 2011


Wow what a place. Brilliant blog, thanks for sharing.

I've only found four faces so far.

18 Dec, 2011


Not sure I could have stayed inside there for long! ... What a very unique place ... I found the five faces ... eventually ... :o)

20 Dec, 2011


Thank you all for your comments..pleased you liked it..Paul i think it was cold Jelly...:o)))

24 Dec, 2011

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