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hi folks,
just to tell you what is going on with our allotments at the moment..this is our 2nd plot which we have had for 18 months now..

my little pond, made by me & full of life..

this was the plot when we first got it..

this is our 1st plot which we have had for 2 and a half years..

to get from one plot to the other we have to “cut” through 3 other plots..down to the bottom of this path..

down to the blue shed..

accross here to the plastic greenhouse..

down here & to the right..

up to the chair & take the path on the left..

up to the railings..

then right on to our plot..which starts where the paving flag on the right is.

the plot next to our 1st plot is my sons,he has not been able to work on it since Feb when he had a bad motorcycle accident, he has now decided he has to give it up as he is unable to dig or walk on uneven ground , anyway after lots of thinking OH & i have decided to take over my sons plot & give up plot no 2 (i am not leaving my pond ) lol..this is my sons plot..they are paid for till December.

the shed on the left is my sons..on the right is my just seems to make more sense to move to this plot,i dont like going accross other peoples plots to get to ours doesnt feel right & i am sure i wouldnt like it..

so we made the decision to swap & told the problem with that..

Oh well,here we go again..get our sleeves rolled up..

as luck would have it a lorry load of bark was dropped off by local tree feller

so we shovelled 2 bags full
after 3 weeks of digging, sieving, backache, we decided where the new beds will be..we are going to use the wood from the beds on the 2nd plot also some of the soil as we brought in lots of it, so it wont be too bad.

it sounds silly but i am going to miss the other it faces a public footpath,i have a little chat as people go by..also i felt safer on my own, these plots are further into the allotment site & can feel a bit isolated..

first bed done,herbs & grasses.

taken from this bed on 1st plot, for which i have another idea .

moved the water butt & i am going to put roses from the other plot next to the compost bin.

The beekeeper next door left us a lovely present in the shed.

its all gone now,mmm

will have to leave him some spuds & a cabbage as a thank you..& a hint for more..

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Wow, you've worked amazingly hard... I hope your "new" plot proves very successful, and that your son continues to recover from the motorcycle accident...

Is that weed-suppressing membrane you have in the photos ? If so, I can add this blog to GoYpedia...

How nice to have local honey :o)))

24 Aug, 2011


Hi Tt, it is a plastic like tarpaulin,Oh says it is a weed suppresser..we are using it to get the beds ready for next year & thank you for your kind comment,,:o))

24 Aug, 2011


Thanks.. I'll add to that category...
A very interesting blog with great pics, which will be a good addition to GoYpedia Weed Suppressing Membranes :o)

24 Aug, 2011


Thanks Tt,that is kind of you.:o)

24 Aug, 2011


I can see the sense in moving plots but can also understand you liking the one near to the footpath, I hope the new one is successful for you. I like all the raised beds, my son has built loads on his allotment, I find it a lot more interesting working in them as compared to how we used to garden years ago, especially when planting out and weeding, it never seems to take as long, lol...
Sorry to hear of your sons accident and hope things improve for him asap....

24 Aug, 2011


A great blog on your new allotment, Joanella! You have done a lot of very hard work to get it into shape! I love the way you've made up your beds! You must have spent a lot of time & money on them. All that woodchip is very good for suppressing the weeds - if you can make it deep enough! A couple of months ago a lorry dropped off a load of woodchip on our allotment field & I scrounged probably more than any one!

I used the woodchip as a thick coat of mulch on our Sunflower bed & it's done a pretty good job as well! I haven't had to weed it at all & now they are over 2m high & just coming into flower!

I stored a lot at the top of the plot as some of it was already starting to heat up. I suspect it had been on the lorry for quite some time! I also put layers of it on our compost heap to help bulk it up even though I suppose it will take quite some time to decompose. Once the frosts clear the allotment I'll probably dig in the compost so that it can continue to decompose but in the soil.

24 Aug, 2011


Thanks Lincs,it is a lot easier with the raised beds as you will have to get some pics of your sons plot & put it on here it sounds good, thanks for your good wishes too.:o)

24 Aug, 2011


I love going there Joan, trouble is he lives an hours drive away from me, plus I can`t drive myself so don`t get over very often, if he was in our town I`d help out all the time, in fact I`d have half of it, lol....

24 Aug, 2011


Thanks Balcony,glad you too have had a lot of bark as soon as you see it you rush to get the wheelbarrow dont you ? its like oooh quick..your sunflower is a bit later than mine which have now you have courgetts..mine are hopeless this year..last year had loads ..i didnt think of putting woodchips in the compost..if we have any spare i may do that..we did spend quite a bit on the first plot..but then you learn,i spend as little as poss now .:o)

24 Aug, 2011


Lincs thats a shame..maybe you could look into getting a half plot near never time you go to your sons you will have to take your camera..:o)

24 Aug, 2011


What a lovely job you have done - lots of good growing area, sorry to hear of your son's motorcycle accident . Amzing how bark can neaten up a place - use it myself too. Love the pond and those rocks are so nice around it . Love those grasses too. Great work :)))))))))))))

25 Aug, 2011


I'm in awe of your neat and tidy plot, Joan, puts ours to shame! ... Is your composter made from old pallets? ... Looks really sturdy ... Very sensible to take on your son's plot, right next to yours, but I'm wondering how you're going to transport your pond ... lol! ...

25 Aug, 2011


I can understand how you'll miss the other plot. I used to love my front garden in the other house because I'd have a chat with people going down the road. Nobody passes here :o(
You have to weigh up the pluses and minuses though don't you, and I'm sure you've made a good decision in the long run.

25 Aug, 2011


Thanks Paul,yes bark is a quick fix for paths etc, i am trying to re-use the bricks from the pond as they took ages to collect..:o))
Yes Shirley it is made from pallets..pond almost done now ..tadpoles,frogs &
Hywel it makes a big difference to see folk passing doesnt it,i can understand you missing your old garden...i would swap houses with you,it wouldnt bother me if no one passed the house..but oh i wouldnt be able to get to my plot..:o))

25 Aug, 2011

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