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Worms & Chicken Pellets


You’re right Gillie chicken manure granules are good in a regular compost heap & I reckon you could be right about upsetting the balance of " things" in a wormery…….. I won’t do it. Methinks the worms are pretty much in control of their environment anyway, so….I#ll leave them in peace !:)

Sid…………. in a way, you’re right, saying why would anyone want to add CNP’s to a womery…… I thought the way many of us do….." oh a little of this , that & the other will help"….but, hey……. nature knows best.
So….the upshot is, I’ll chuck the stuff everywhere else, give it a good watering & listen to the neighours howl, as the smell of the countryside wafts across London’s noses ! FANTASTIC !

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LOL....Oh Jeremy....Is it still smelly???? LOL...I worked on a broiler chicken farm for a few years....the smell of chicken manure is a unique aroma. I got used to it but most people can't bear it. LOL.
Welcome to GOY by the way.....It sounds like you will fit right in here. :o)

20 Mar, 2009


Smelly ? ? ** !! hell yes........but it's like bringing a farm into the City....Fantastic! :)

20 Mar, 2009

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