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About 5 years ago, i went out in the garden about 1am, middle of the night for some lol, i did this with my dog every night come rain or wind – every night i wouldnt stop until i had collected about 40 snails – over 6 weeks i perservered until i found the 40th one each night, since then its just the odd one or two we find hiding away behind a plant – i have been relatively free for all these 5 years since doing that, large ones and tiny babies, they all went into the Tesco bag. Be careful tho because they can eat their way through those plastic bags in a few days, so beware when you take the lid off the bin, oh yes the smell is awful too.

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If you're getting withdrawal symptoms, I can send you some more :-)

27 Sep, 2008


So snails do have their uses. wonder how many plastic bags they could eat? Got to be better than landfill.Some supermarkets give you 1p if you use an old plastic bag.
Perhaps I ll take a snail in with me and say hes eaten an hundred !

27 Sep, 2008


Have you tried a slug-hunt,
or do you specialise in snails?
Out in the dark garden at 1 am, did your dog help with the search?

30 Sep, 2008

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