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A February walk round our garden


In October 2014 our daughter needed to find a home for Lyla the cat, who became homeless after her owners split up, but unfortunately my daughter’s landlord does not allow pets in the flat.
So, Lyla came to us, and what a joy she is – a gorgeous long-haired cat, 5 years old, funny, but a ‘lady with attitude’ – fortunately not nasty.
She’s more used to being in- than outdoors, and one of her pet hates is a blustery, rainy day like today. I can fully sympathise, but a cat does need to go outside, especially as I refuse to have a litter tray inside the house.

To encourage her to let the wind ruffle her coat, I took advantage of the fact that she likes to follow me. So I picked up my camera, put on my coat & garden boots, and managed to ‘entice’ Lyla to go outside, after which I quickly closed the house door.
Lyla meanwhile wizzed under a nearby shrub. I left her.
I had more important things to do, like cheering myself up, and I hope that you will be cheered up too by the following pictures of plants that brave the gusts of wind and driving rain, just because they think it’s spring.

Periwinkle – has been flowering since last year

Oranje Boven – Amsterdam will get this one :-)

Too early really

Camellia Japonica


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With no litter tray had you thought of a cat flap? Wouldn't be without ours, they can come and go when the need arises and they come with a lock in case she has to be kept in for any reason. Your Hellebore is flowering its heart out!

6 Feb, 2016


I was so pleased to see 'Oranje boven' or loosely translated 'orange top'! Thank you for thinking of me. We Dutch are proud of the colour Orange which is the colour of our royal family. On the Kings birthday, (a national holiday) we all wear, eat and drink orange! :)

6 Feb, 2016


Thank you both for your comments.

Steragram - we have on several occasions discussed a litter tray, but can't make up our minds to have a flap or not have a flap :-)

Amsterdam - absolutely!! :-) Hence I have an orange icon.

7 Feb, 2016


Lyla is beautiful :) She's lucky to have found you ... and you are lucky to have her too ...
When I got Bella she was 2 yrs old and had never been outside, but I let her go and she loves it. She doesn't mind rain but hates the wind.
I wouldn't be without a cat flap but it's broken at the moment and I have to keep letting Bella in and out through the 'human' door - such a nuisance because she wants to come and go all the time :(

It's lovely to see your spring garden :)

9 Feb, 2016


Hi Hywel - thank you for your comment.
We have two cats - I'll introduce Tigger one of these days. Lyla really prefers going in 'n out through a window and we have to be vigilant not to open a window too wide when it's an upstairs window.

18 Feb, 2016

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