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just a quick update to keep track of what seeds germinated and are doing fine and which are proving to be a bit more tricky.

Look at the difference between the cheap compost from a discount store (left) and potting soil bought in Lidl (right). First two have a shocking amount of rubbish in them! No wonder the seeds do not want to grow there :/

With the soil blocks I had some more luck. First to germinate was Cosmos. I love these flowers and the delicate foliage so hope to have lots of them in the garden this year. So far so good, these are growing well and I can se healthy roots poking through the membranes.
Next to germinate were godetia, cupid flowers, treasure flowers, snapdragon, marigolds, ratibida (mexican hat) spotted bellflowers and nemesia.
Sweet peas, sunflowers and runner beans were also very quick to germinate.
I am, however, having trouble with the columbines, which I know can be a bit tricky. The first batch of these was sown in mid March and not a single seed germinated on the garden compost. Second batch was sown 3 weeks ago on the turf blocks but again, there’s no signs of life there.
I got the seeds either on ebay: “cottage mix” and “gigant” or collected from the few plants already growing in my garden (not sure what variety). I read that some seeds are very slow to germinate and may need the cold treatment to kick start so I’m not giving up yet but my patience is being tested big time! And as it turned out I am not a very patient gardener. not yet anyways. I’m sure many of you have grown these from seeds. Any advice? How long does it take for these to germinate? should I store the seeds in the fridge before sowing?

And to finish on a positive note I have to show you my amaryllis. I have 4 Of them in my living room and all are doing very well this year. Last one to bloom is the lovely off-white giant with 4 flower heads already fully opened and another 4 about to do so. This one supervises the seeds germination, looking down at the trays and basking in the afternoon sunshine :)

and these two just finished their lovely display…

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Welcome to Goy interesting blog and also nice amaryllis.

26 Apr, 2014


Lovely flowers - hope they make good supervisors!
This link has some interesting info on germinating aquilegias.

26 Apr, 2014


Useful and worthwhile trial - well done and your Amaryllis are gorgeous!
No tips re sowing aquilegias I'm afraid, Scotkat (above) sent me some when I first joined GOY and none germinated for me.

26 Apr, 2014


No Angie not me I never sent as never grown them.

26 Apr, 2014


I could have sworn it was you Kath - I'd have bet my wages on it! Just as well I didn't have too :)
I'm getting! :)

26 Apr, 2014


Oh my you are going to be oh so very busy, I do exactly the same and then have to pot them all on plus find homes for them all, I share them around my family so its ok really, plus I enjoy it.
I had a problem last year with rubbish compost but pleased to say doing ok this year, never used the soil blocks but yours are doing well, I use the card from the toilet paper for my runner beans and my sweetpeas I make pots out of newspaper and plant the lot, makes life easier when transplanting into the garden.. Very interesting to see your trial, hope you do well with your seedlings Jagienka.
Your Amaryllis are gorgeous.....

26 Apr, 2014


Your Amaryllis are lovely. I used to grow them but haven't got any now.
I remember trying Lidles compost a few years ago, for seeds, and none of them germinated. I use it for potatoes in tubs though. They grow quite well I it :)

27 Apr, 2014


I save large yogurt pots for runner beans - just make a hole in the base with a red hot metal skewer.

28 Apr, 2014


Stetagram, for starting the seedlings or do you actually grow the beans in these containers? Would they not be a bit too small for the crazy amount of root the bean produces? I've used the yoghurt containers as pots for my plants when I ran out the proper ones, but never grown anything big in it.

29 Apr, 2014

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