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Everything u need2 Build/Make a Pond


By jacque


Most Garden Centres have a Good Choice of Pond Products starting with the Pond itself ,Liner or Pre-Made its your Pond Your Choice

I myself think Pond Liners are best! you can make what ever shape u like ! But u will need 2 line the Ponds Hole b4 Laying the pond Liner or it may become damaged causing it 2 leek ,Soft Sand is a good sure way 2 stop this happening so line Ponds Base well
Of course dont for get all the other bits that youl need ? Yes if your Keeping Fish you`l need that Pond Water Clean 4 their Health & Longer Fish Life ,Uv/Bio Filters

This wont be any good without the Pump
Filters have different Power/Speed & will need the Correct Pump Strength 2 push the water into & back out from the Filter 4 best results. Ask the person in Charge if in DOUT ! :)

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Well researched Jacque.

but errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm

What about Sand to bed the liner in :) lol

4 Aug, 2008


Well z Kev :)

4 Aug, 2008


Hows that :)

4 Aug, 2008


Nice one Jacque...Fast Edit ehhhh :)

4 Aug, 2008


Shame iv not a pic of the sand lol :)

4 Aug, 2008


I must remember to look at this when I decide to make my pond. Thanks for writing it Jacque.

5 Aug, 2008


Glad u like it Hywel & Im sure ul see some books ect that will help with more Detail 2help all my Info along :)

5 Aug, 2008


Through following these hints any individual can create a stunning lawn. I am fond of gardening and water feature. these days, I installed little pond and made it waterproof by way of applying Pond pro liner. For more details:

20 Sep, 2016

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