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My Green House Part2..


By jacque


As many GOY Members know my Green House Frame has been up 4 a little while now ,Well i got the Blocks 2 fix it down 2 @wked

& with the weather being ok here Yesterday i started to lay them down so my Phil can put the Glass in @wked if weather Permits?

Im getting excited now as its starting2take shape :)

Iv made sure from all around the Green House that its level as i dont want My Phil having a Bigger Job than doing the Glass & Drilling The Frame down2the blocks do i :)

Weather was kind 2 us @ wked which was good cos we got the Greenhouse glazed,1st we put the Rubber seal in ,Phil showed me how2do this so he could get on with putting the Glass In

i was worried sick 4 Phil as i didnt want him2cut his fingers :/ But he could`nt work wearing gloves & was very Careful

Didnt seem2take long & b4 we knew it we`d Finished :) “Many Hands Make Light Work”
Sadly the Window Glass was broken in the box so itl have 2 b replaced but it still looks&is Great :)

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Good luck to you on your green house. Would love to have the room for such. Will look forward to seeing the progression.

9 Jul, 2008


That's a bit of good news to brighten up this horrible day - you'll love having a greenhouse. You will fill it up and wonder how you ever managed without it! Have you got an automatic vent opener for the roof window? I find that essential.

9 Jul, 2008


I do have a window in the Roof Spritz but iv not got a Auto Openr on it! Best i look4 one If its Essential :)

9 Jul, 2008


great jacque, your so lucky having the greenhouse, think i shall start saving up for one

9 Jul, 2008


Great progress Jacque.I wish we had the room for a greenhouse. Hope the project goes well.Can you post up some more photos when its finished?

9 Jul, 2008


Yes, Jacque, get one! The other useful thing is a louvre window at the back of the greenhouse, opposite the door, so you can open it up and leave the door open to get air through on hot days. It really doesn't cost much and it's well worth having.

9 Jul, 2008


il load more pics as we progrese Grenville :)

9 Jul, 2008


Thanks Jacque. It looks lovely. You're so lucky to have the space for a greenhouse!

9 Jul, 2008


Haha Grenville, I have a great idea - just move all those old pots and plants out and then you too could have a greenhouse!!!!! Good idea or what?

9 Jul, 2008


Do you think it would fit on our top deck Spritz?
It could double up as a summer house!

9 Jul, 2008


you will love the greenhouse , i really wouldnt want to be without mine now , you can still be in the garden when its raining all nice and dry in the greenhouse its great

10 Jul, 2008


It is coming together well, Jacque .... what do you think will be the first occupants ? I bet you are itching to populate it. Although mine isn't fully glazed yet (everything has been on hold since the beginning of this month, I have spent most of it away from home due to my Father being ill) I have very tardy tomato plants and some biennial seedlings growing there. Despite spasmodic watering they are surviving :-)

16 Jul, 2008

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