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it as been a miserable day today never stopped raining what happened to flamin june, was goin to do my beddin plants but couldnt im worried summer will be over before i get chance to put them in.

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got the last of my plants in yesterday and cut the back lawn, but just pouring down here still, think maybe we have had our summer already, but I hope not, hope you get your plants in soon,

12 Jun, 2011


I am sorry to hear it is raining your way Jackiejenkin, hope you will get your plants in as soon as it stops.

It is raining here in the East too, we badly need it here though, our region is extremely low on water supply, farmers here have been struggling to water their crops, some will have no produce to sell this year, we have not had proper rain for over 6 months in the East, yet other parts of the Country has had too much rain. My poor lawn was totally brown in early spring, it is recovering fast now, the plants are all getting a good soaking, I did do a lot of gardening yesterday as I new it was going to rain all day today. But boy.... I am praying for more rain so that the reservoirs can fill up and water flows freely everywhere again :))) We have had summer since March non stop here...

12 Jun, 2011


What happened to flaming June? Some of us had it in April!

12 Jun, 2011


Was that it though? I hope we get some more summer. We badly needed the rain too but that would do for a while at least.

12 Jun, 2011


Hi Jackie..
It does seem that this year most parts of Britain have had either too much rain, or almost none ! I hope you get your bedding plants in soon.. :o)

13 Jun, 2011

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