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its been a lovely weekend, planted some potatoes yesterday hope they grow, i suppose they have two chances. hopin to get some tomato plants soon as they were succesful last year. carnt do much more in the garden now as im waitin for some new fencing to be fitted, i carnt wait realy excited about it as sad as that sounds.

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It will be nice for you to have your new fences. Will you be painting them ?
Good luck with your tomatoes :o) I hope you have lots !

18 Apr, 2011


Hi there jackie,

Hope the tomatoes come good for you, and so does the new fence, just think of all the lovely pretty climbers you could grow up it.

Happy gardening.

18 Apr, 2011


Hi JJ - hope everything goes well with your fences for you - to a gardener a fence is a very precious thing as it not only separates your space from your neighbours but it also provides a background for your plants and a support for your climbers, so all in all it's a really good thing. Don't worry what other people say - we know we're right don't we ?

18 Apr, 2011


I'm sure your potatoes will be up in no time I have lots up by 2 or 3 inches so I put some soil on some of them yesterday. We have had a warm spell and rain so the whole garden is growing like mad. I agree with Mariek on the value of fences.

19 Apr, 2011


Doesn't sound sad at all ... we gardeners get excited about the most mundane things ... lol! : o )

20 Apr, 2011


You are so right Shirley it is not sad. Sad people are those who cannot get excited.

20 Apr, 2011


Yes indeed, I've met a few of those!

20 Apr, 2011

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