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By irish


well today i decided enough of sitting indoors reading hundreds of gardening magazines, yep im afraid im a bit of a fair weather gardener or should i say i WAS. determined this yr that no matter what the weather is, i am gona spend as much time as possible out there, i do love my garden just sometimes need a push.
so tonight i shall go to my bed with a sore back and knees but yessssssss it was worth it.
i have dug and weeded one side of the garden and managed to plant 3 new plants. i just wish my digital camera was working to show ye all my hard work.
as tomorrow is a bank hol here i shall be back outside to do the other side of the garden .

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Well done, Irish! I was out here doing the same in `not so sunny` Yorkshire today. I have a newly developed garden , many plants went in for the first time last March, so spent today spreading mulch everywhere in the hope that I will have a beautiful display this year.....What we gardeners do, must be mad, could have stayed indoors and read a book!

16 Mar, 2008


Hi Andrea,,, at least when the summer does arrive (hopefully) us gardeners can spend evenings relaxing,enjoying the sight and scents of our hard work.

16 Mar, 2008


No you won't! You'll be getting up, removing weeds, taking notes, looking up things, and planning next year - LOL!

17 Mar, 2008


lol you are right of course David, but im sure ill find some evening that i can just relax with a nice glass of wine an enjoy my hard work.
lovely morning here so ill get to do more of the garden today.

17 Mar, 2008


Iv been outside 4 little while 2 day Irish planting some of those plants i got @ wked :) Weathers wet&cold 2 day&my back also aches:( Still loads 2 do&the weather is meant2be nice2mrw? Fingers crossed; )Then il do the rest :)

17 Mar, 2008


Hi Jacuue,
Its a pity the weather wasnt good where u are ,,, here it was lovely, sunny out but a wee bit cold. well done though u seem to have gotten a lot of work done despite the weather. hope it will be nicer for you tomorrow.
I tidied up a lot of the garden today, cleaned out planters an that. like you , i hope to get a bit more done tomorrow

17 Mar, 2008


I was outside today myself with a warm jacket and gloves. Got quite a bit done. I just had to get out there. It feels GREAT doesn't it ?

18 Mar, 2008


aye Mikec, its a great feeling being outdoors.
was another lovely day here again, got some seeds down and a few viola's put into planters. I have a pond in my garden with hopefully 30 fish, unless the heron has been having lunch lol. the last few days they ( the fish ) have been really lively, due to the warm weather i would imagine, so time to start feeding them again .

18 Mar, 2008

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