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blind dog !!!


By irene24


Went to vets today Maia had sore eyes was told she has mutiple problems with her eyes and is almost completely blind
I m completely in shock ,Vet said to bring her back friday to see if the ulcers are clearing the only thing is what other problems are there,well he said cateract too?everything went over my head after “almost completly blind” My other 3 dogs have been very agressive with her and fighting TheVet said its because she is the weakest in the pack have to keep them apart
Quite a day!

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Oh dear Irene sorry to hear that, poor Maia. Hope you get some better news on Friday, fingers crossed for you all.

3 Apr, 2013


Thanks hope so too

3 Apr, 2013


Oh dear Irene, how old is Maia and is she in good health otherwise???

3 Apr, 2013


Oh dear, very upsetting for you.

3 Apr, 2013


Sorry to hear this, I do hope you get better news on Friday.

3 Apr, 2013


Thanks everyone for your concern
She is just 8 years old and otherwise quite healthy,her teeth need a good clean but otherwise she is the sweetest, kindest dog you ever met a bit timid but loving all the same just hoping and praying the vet had it wrong and she will recover

3 Apr, 2013


I hope your dog will be all right. It's such a worry for you.

3 Apr, 2013


I hope you get good news tomorrow Irene, the reason I asked was because Sam our dog who we had when the family were children went blind, admittedly he was older than Maia but we had him a long time after his sight went, as long as he was on his lead he was ok for his walks and in the garden we kept him in his own area and he was perfectly happy...

3 Apr, 2013


Same here Lincs, our old retriever lost most of her sight and some of her hearing, came on gradually and she coped very well at home and enjoyed a good quality of life. It didn't seem to bother my other dog, maybe yours will get used to her problem

4 Apr, 2013

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