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Hallo everyone!


I’ve had so many e-mails and messages asking how we are, how the garden is getting on and why I haven’t been on GoY for a while I thought I aught to write a blog to explain!

Well, where to start?

I’ve got an awful flu bug at the minute which has been knocking me sideways for about two weeks now and isn’t showing any signs of relenting, any time soon.

The garden is in an awful state.
We had, what I can only describe as, a mini hurricane a few nights ago which threw everything everywhere!

and it killed my trommel! lol

I’m still waiting for the probation service to get in touch about coming to dig it over for me and generally get rid of all the nettle roots etc as my health has stopped me from doing it myself.

I had wanted to have had the whole plot cleared by now and new lawns laid ready for next spring but as you can see, that idea has gone south, like the birds, for the winter!

The chooks are doing great, I’m pleased to say :~))

They’re not laying as many eggs as earlier in the year but we expected that. It’s something to do with the amount of sunlight there is this time of year.

I have tried to upload a lot more photos (all taken with the same camera as these ones) but for some reason GoY’s server thinks they are to big.

I have also made a short video message that you can watch by clicking here

Well that’s all for now except to say

A very big thank you to everyone who has sent me a message or e-mail

Ian xxx

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sorry your not to good ian and sorry about the trommel lol, nice to see the chucks though, looking well, i do hope they come do your garden soon, its awfull that you want to get stuck in but cant, wish we could all come round and do it for you, wouldnt that be great, but seriously hope your ok and it all comes together ready for next summer :o)) x

18 Nov, 2010


Just watched your video message Ian, you really are full of the bug aren't you? Like San, I wish I could come round and help clear your garden for you, sorry the weather hit you so hard! Chase up the Probation Service and get some Volunteers round asap. Tell Holly she shares her birthday with my Mum, Irene, who'll be 84 on Sunday! Happy birthday to you, Holly. Get well soon, Ian. : o )))

18 Nov, 2010


Ian....sure hope it isn't long til you are feeling a lot better. Holly....enjoy your special day on Sunday :)

18 Nov, 2010


You poor things - flu bugs are nasty. I really feel for you and hope it goes away fast.

You've got some good nettles in that garden, haven't you!

Those gales have a lot to answer for - but don't even think of trying to clear up! Get well soon.

Happy Birthday, Holly, when it comes. :-)))

18 Nov, 2010


Hi Ian so glad to see you back with us again. You certainly don't look or sound too good in your video but it's lovely to see Holly's big smile. A big 'Happy birthday' from me too. :o)) I think it's best to just pull all the curtains and not have to look out at all those weeds and devastation until next Spring, or all the rain either. Oh I forgot about those chooks, so maybe not! Hope you get well soon.

18 Nov, 2010


Awww, thank you all for your lovely words.
It has been to long since I was around real friends like you lot and I didn't realise what I was missing until I read your comments.

San, I would love to see you all here for a day but I think our garden will even beat a hoard of young and fit probationers in one day. They will have to come back for a second or even a third bite at it! Lol.

Hi Shirley, I guess it was a good idea to put the "skin tone" gel on the lights before I recorded my message ey? Caol says I look like a ghost (and have done for about a week! lol)

W'lass, I think it's just a case of waiting it out now but unfortunately Holly can't have anyone around for her party so it'll be just us :~((

Spritz, this garden seems to be perfectly suited for growing weeds! Lol Oh and I have no intention of clearing any of it up until I feel much better.

Lily, I do my best to ignore it but, as you say, I have to go out there several times a day to see to the chooks so it just keeps shouting at me. Until I'm safely back on my feet again it will just have to take care of itself!

I have got hold of some old carpets to cover the worst of the nettles etc. but I'm waiting for my brother to come and give me a hand to "lay" them.

18 Nov, 2010


A get well soon from the other side of the big pond.

19 Nov, 2010


Hi Kris, thank you very much xx

19 Nov, 2010


And from the other side of the Bay of Biscay! :o)))

19 Nov, 2010


Sorry to see the high winds caused so much damage to your garden, Ian...

... and RIP Trommel ....

19 Nov, 2010


Hope your feeling better soon, sorry about the wind damage but pleased the chickens are doing well..

19 Nov, 2010


sorry you are laid up. there are some nasty bugs out there. hope carol and holly stay clear of it. keep pestering the authorities for help. the chickens look happy :o)

19 Nov, 2010


So sorry you are not feeling the best Ian, those bugs can be a nuisance and can hang around. The garden looks a bit poorly at the moment but I'm sure it can be mended. The chicken look great though you obviously have been looking after them well.

19 Nov, 2010


Hi Nariz, hope you are well too?

Tt, poor trommel! Lol. We can rebuild it, we have the technology, it can be bigger and better than ever before! Lol

Hi Clarice, thanks, the chooks get seen to first in this house. Even before I do!

SBG. It was Holly that passed it to Carol who shared it with me, we are a sharing kind of family! lol :~/

Dr.B. We've had this bug for at least two weeks now and, according to the GP's secretary, it can hang around for 5 + weeks!

19 Nov, 2010


Sorry to hear about your illness, Ian & hope you recover soon. Don't worry about the state of the garden, just save your energies for getting better!

Your chooks are looking good, you obviously look after them well!

Please wish Carol a happy birthday for tomorrow!

20 Nov, 2010


Thanks Balcony :~))

P.S. Actually it's Holly's birthday so I'll give her a big hug from you as well! Lol

21 Nov, 2010


Happy birthday Holly...
and looking forward to the bigger, better, bionic Trommel ;o)

21 Nov, 2010


Sorry, then please wish Holly a happy birthday!

21 Nov, 2010


A big Happy Birthday from the frozen north too Holly. :o)

Sorry to hear you're all under the weather Ian. My best wishes for a speedy recovery. Sorry about your Trommel too. :o(
Your chickies look great though. Think of me when you're eating those lovely fresh eggs. We're not allowed to keep chickens. Grrrrr.

21 Nov, 2010


Hi Ian ... sorry to hear you've not been well ... these flu bugs can drag on can't they? Hope you pick up soon ... but don't let those stingers entice you out before you're totally recovered!

Happy Birthday to Holly girlie ... hope she's had a good day. :o)

21 Nov, 2010


Hello everyone, wishes sent and hugs given (message from Holly to follow! ! !)

Hi Tt, I wondered if anyone would get that link! Lol

Thank you Balcony, already done. :~))

Gilli, We're all slowly recovering now but my head is still full of cotton wool (which wasn't helped by god knows how many screaming kids running riot around our little bungalow this afternoon)
The trommel will be re-built, bigger and better than ever before. Lol. (with a petrol engine this time! ! !) Why can't you keep chickens?


hello, my nam is holly and i am ait yers old than you verry much for saing happpy berfday

It's Ian again now.

Holly's message says,

Hello, my name is Holly and I am eight years old. Thank you very much for saying happy birthday

x ad infinitum! Lol.

Thank you all from me as well! xx

21 Nov, 2010


Hello Fluff, you popped up while we were writing! Lol.

Holly says thank you to you as well and she says she has had a lovely day but it is very tiring being eight! LMSO

21 Nov, 2010


I'm good at that!

Oh bless you Holly ... glad you had a fab birthday ... yes 8 is a very tiring age!! :o)))

21 Nov, 2010


The poor girl has got the weight of the world on her shoulders! Lol. She's just gone off to bed "to get ready for school tomorrow" ;~))

21 Nov, 2010


Aww...bless her. :o)

We aren't allowed chickens due to Kamloops council, in their wisdom, passing a by-law against having them within city limits. Reasons cited????....Too much noise, too smelly, inviting conditions for pests and wildlife. Go figure! :o(
I think hooking up a Briggs and Stratton 5 hp to your trommel is a great idea. I'm sure you could find a good used horizontal shaft motor on an old tiller or something. you have me thinking!!

21 Nov, 2010


I have just got a hold of a couple of lawn mower engines Gilli, (not quite 5 hp but strong enough I figure) so come some decent weather I shall be back out there working out how to attach one of them them! lol

22 Nov, 2010


Great Ian. You'll have to let me know how you get on. :o)

22 Nov, 2010


Oh don't you worry Gilli, I remember your background in meckanackaning so you will be one of the first I contact when I inevitably need some help! lol

22 Nov, 2010


Have I just invented a new word?

22 Nov, 2010


I think so Ian. Meckanackaning....One for the Oxford dictionary!! I'm going to have it embroidered onto my coveralls. LOL

23 Nov, 2010

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