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June flowers ...


By hywel


I thought from now on, I’d be a bit more methodical, and do two blogs for each month.
In one blog I’ll put some close up photos of plants, and in the other some wider views of the garden. I don’t like things being all jumbled up.
On my photo page I’m only putting photos of cacti and succulents, so that I can add them to the list of garden plants.

So here are the June Close ups :-

Verbascum, very tall and floppy this year :-

Diarama , and I’m very pleased to see it flowering this year :-

Digitalis (Foxglove) :-

Digitalis and Baptisia :-

Some hardy Geraniums :-

Veronica trehane, in a pot :-

Filipendula :-

Green Spice Heuchera, in a pot :-

Cotoneaster cornubia :-

Some thorny roses ….
New Dawn :-

Frencham :-

Centaurea :-

A big orange Poppy, which I bought in Wilkinsons last year :-

Bella and a small Weigelia :-

Some Clematises …
Daniel Deronda … eaten by slugs :o(

Nelly Moser :-

Dr Rupell :-

Carnaby :-

Last but not least …. Bella looking for spiders :o)

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Great photos Hywel, I always enjoy reading your blogs, whether they're methodical or not!;)

Bella looks more beautiful with every blog, she must be very happy and settled.

29 Jun, 2013


Thank you Louisa. Your comment has given me confidence.
I'm not known for being methodical, but I thought I'd try ...
I am also pleased to say Bella is enjoying her life :o)

29 Jun, 2013


You had a blue theme until you got to the whites. lovely photos and is the blue pea Baptista? I love you plants Hywel and puss look really happy in your garden.

29 Jun, 2013


Your garden is always colourful Hywel. What happended to your Fuschias this year? is it too early to flower?

29 Jun, 2013


Thank you all for your comments :o)

Seaburngirl, yes the blue pea is Baptisia. It's one of my favourite plants. In fact I love all the pea family ...

Costas, my Fuchsias are very slow as usual. I think of them more for late summer and autumn really. Several have died over the winter too, but I'm not going to replace them until next year ...

29 Jun, 2013


Wow Hywel they are brilliant photo,s of all your lovely plants hard to chose a favourite and Bella under the seat is really lovely !

29 Jun, 2013


That Filipendula looks beautiful. So does Bella. :0)

29 Jun, 2013


Lovely blog Hywel, love the Filipendula... how big does it grow?

29 Jun, 2013


Super photos of your lovely plants Hywel, love Bella looking so happy in your care especially like the photo of her watching for spiders!! :o)

29 Jun, 2013


Colour colour everywhere Hywel! Good idea to have a method in blog posting. I'm trying to do one in the middle of a month with everything that's flowering for comparison year on year.
Your clematis are especially beautiful.
Its amazing how Bella has taken to outdoor life - she looks very at ease looking for the spiders!

29 Jun, 2013


Very nice photos Hywell...shame about the slugs eating the clematis petals..Mine are getting munched as well!!

29 Jun, 2013


Ok, so Bella's still my favourite but you have some other beauties ( bellas) in there. Like you, I love the pea family and the baptisia and I've got New Dawn too and Dr. Ruppel. My clems are also being eaten by slugs and/or snails. Your filipendula is well ahead of mine, which is only just beginning to flower.

29 Jun, 2013


Thank you all for reading my blog, and your comments.

Bella enjoys being outside, and it's difficult to keep her in for the night. She keeps wanting to go out in the wee small hours, and yells the place down until I let her go lol. She catches moths in mid flight and brings them in the house to play with, and then eats them :o(

Gralew, the Filipendula grows to nearly 5 feet. I have to put bean sticks to hold it up because it flops over in the rain.

Tuesdaybear, the Filipendula seems to come at different times every year. Last year it had gone over by the middle of June. This year it has only just opened these last few days.

Scottish, I am not very good at being methodical, but I thought I'd try ... It's a good idea to be able to compare how your garden looks each year.

30 Jun, 2013


Hi bella we lost 3legged cat after 18 years Named PC when my children were young they named her because she was always on the keyboard of computer

30 Jun, 2013


Sounds just what I need for my back fence... Thanks Hywel

30 Jun, 2013


looks peaceful in your garden.
very quaint.
LOVE!!!! the photos, they seem very happy photos :):)

All those plants i see i would have had at one time! in my garden :) beautiful array of delights (peacful, charming),thank you for sharing.

from jane.

30 Jun, 2013


Gosh, Frensham ... haven't seen that rose for a very long time, a floribunda rose. They seem to have gone out of fashion yet I remember they flowered profusely in my Father's rose beds. Roses were his favourite flower and I think they are mine too.

1 Jul, 2013


Lovely flowers in your garden,Hywel! :-)) I also like to compare my balcony at different times of the year & different years. As I take lots of photos it's pretty easy to compare how some things did one year compared to another.

Thanks goodness for digital photography! We can take as many as we like now & save them forever! I used to take photos on film &I used to put a piece of paper with the date so that I would always know exactly when I took them! No need any longer as the digital photos carry the date of capture incorporated in their information.

2 Jul, 2013


Digital photography is fantastic, but it is so easy for them to be deleted/lost I wonder if they will survive as long as those taken using film. I suspect modern printed copies will fade far more quickly than the old prints from film too. I hope the digital one will give future generations a good idea of what life is like now but I do wonder how much material will survive.

3 Jul, 2013


Thank you all for your comments.
I think digital cameras are good, especially if you are hopeless at taking photos ...but I do like to have photos I can hold in my hand. It can be a nuisance fiddling with a computer every time you want to see one.

I also wonder how long they will survive. You only need something to go wrong with the computer, and that's the end of them.

3 Jul, 2013


All looking very nice Hywel.. lovely flowers ..

3 Jul, 2013


"I also wonder how long they will survive. You only need something to go wrong with the computer, and that's the end of them."

But if you upload them to a file sharing website like Google+, Flikr, Imageshack, etc., you never need lose them!

You could also keep them on a CD as they have the capacity to store many 1,000s of photos.

A memory stick in your camera or phone can save 1,000s of photos for a very long time as well. I have 4GB memory stick in my phone half of which is dedicated to music the other half to photos!

You can of course print them out on your printer at home or sending the files to a photo sharing site that prints them & makes photo books or presents. Or you could take the memory stick to one of the supermarkets or pharmacies or shops that can print them directly from your memory stick & you choose which ones to print out & how many copies you want & in a few minutes you have them in your hand!

You no longer have to wait a week or more or take a roll of film in to have developed & take a blind chance at what comes out! At least with digital photos you can see what you've taken & delete it immediately & try again & again till you are satisfied! You also save on photo paper, developing chemicals & even on frustration or disappointment as you know what you are getting before they are printed! Not to mention the environment also benefits from chemicals not used that can be highly toxic.

3 Jul, 2013


It's such a fiddle to do all that, especially for a non-technical person like me ... such a rigmarole, and it all gets me feeling very irritated. It's nice to have a decent sized photo you can hold in your hand, and all done for you.
The best thing about digital photography is that you can delete the duds.

I never minded waiting a week for the photos to be developed. People are so impatient today. They want everything and they want it NOW. ... it's too stressful for me ... far too stressful :o( I don't belong in this world.

3 Jul, 2013


Lovely blog got a lot of catching up ?

28 Jul, 2013


Thanks. Don't worry about it :o)

29 Jul, 2013

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