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My African Garden.


Being an avid gardener, and a hobbyist I admit not a day goes by where I do not think on my garden. constantly having my creative juices flowing when I am gardening or even walking through the garden, when I stand looking from one side of the garden, Walking in and around about the garden, discovering new plants, or simply just admiring the plants,or having the pleasure of being creative and just thinking on ways of how to Change and improve the garden by using different plants in different parts of the garden, or even simply adding a mixture of plants due to their tones and colours can really make a place eye-catching. especially having the advantage of a Tropical climate, the variety of plants available are amazing.
I decided to start off with canna, some red, some yellow and some orange all to the front where you just can’t miss them,Tropical plants renowned for their large leaves and showy, brightly coloured flowers,and lined behind them are the spider lillies while to the sides of the bordering walls stand the majestic banana trees and their long big leaves hovering over the bushy orchids that display awesome flowers,and not to mention the golden palms standing side by side with hibiscus that enhance the exotics tropical look, Clumping shrubs , strappy-leafed foliage plants such as the many forms of plants growing well-behaved close to each other or How do you accurately describe the wonderful, translucent way a rose looks and the changes in colour that take effect when the sun is shining through the petals in a way that makes it glow? Exuberant, lush, full and abundant are some of the words that come to mind.
A few papaya fruit trees and some stray mango trees Showing their presence with their first fruits to give more shade for the hot days,chickens and turkey clucking and looking through the foliages of plants for some tasty bug or gnat to fill their ever so filled stomachs and the dragonflies hovering about and sometimes perching from time to time on a rose twig watching as the yellow swallow-tailed butterflies flutter and glide by.
With some vegetables, fruits and Flowers in the garden, it is one hobby that just keeps getting better.
Taking time and care for the garden, is not just about planting, but also about uprooting and getting rid of plants and weeds that I don’t want, or it could even be all about transplanting plants from one side of the garden to another part of the garden. I can´t describe my african garden as it is because it isn’t – any longer. it was. and now? it’s becoming-as always. describing My African garden is describing Change.
Bulbs and perennials naturally multiply and produce twice the number of blooms that they did last year. The garden soil grows healthier with each yearly application of manure and compost. There are so many beautiful things going on in my African garden.
what else can i say?……..”gardening is my Passion”.

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Oh wow, you have some beautiful and unusual flora and fauna there! Enjoyed your blog and love the spider lollies.

22 Feb, 2019


Welcome to Goy such a pretty garden with some wonderful plants I can see why it's your passion. love the butterflies and birds.

22 Feb, 2019


welcome to Goy.
a lovely blog with some lovely plants and animals.The dragonfly is stunning.

22 Feb, 2019


Welcome to GOY, you don't say where you are, but wherever, gardening can be a joy. I can see your passion and understand it with all the lush planting and glorious wildlife. Spring stirring here in England and gardeners gearing up for the onslaught of weeds and pests, but looking forward to warmer days and the plants bursting into life. Have fun that's the main thing.

25 Feb, 2019

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