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What a difference a day makes! (And a picture of Boris)


Tuesday I went out to see what was flowering in the garden with the intention of putting a few pics on a blog here, as the last blog was a bit sparse on photo’s.
There was the remnants of some powdery snow lying in sheltered spots, but the sun was shining and the wind was mild. Even a glorious blue sky with tiny puffy white clouds!

The Hellebores hiding under some of the shrubs, they are so subtle that they are easily missed, so I am pleased that I went out to search for something in flower.

The Viburnum showing off it’s pink flowers and even a daffodil thinking of trying to flower.

A Crocus trying it’s best, these usually get eaten by the mice and voles, so this one is a rare survivor! In front of that the dark leaved Celandine which can have all the room it likes to spread (and a nettle, which can’t).

The snowdrops have been flowering for ages and have spread very nicely this past year, but will need splitting before they disappear underground again. This Leucojum is just about finished, this one growing in the path as I always forget to move it before it too disappears.

There’s not many months of the year that you can’t find a few flowers on a Vinca and though they are really invasive, I have been transferring them up to the back meadow where they give a glorious show and give cover for small creatures and insects.

So that was Tuesday, Wednesday was a different story, snow but still not the horrendous amount that some people have been battling with. Enough to make it pretty, if if wasn’t for the biting wind.

Tracks in the snow! Left the gate open!

No wonder his feet are cold, but I can’t finish without a picture of Boris, Gracie and Lily.

Thank you for reading this far and hoping that you are all keeping warm and dreaming of Spring and Summer gardens and plants! OH spent a fortune on-line on plants while I was out one day – but that’s another story!

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I love your OH! He's just like me! lol. Wonderful Hellebores and gorgeous Geese! :)

1 Mar, 2018


Great to see Boris and ladies again. They don't seem to mind the snow at all! What a heroine you are braving the cold to take photos!

1 Mar, 2018


Poor Boris and friends are camouflaged by the snow.

1 Mar, 2018


I knew I should have gone to Specsavers, Boris!

1 Mar, 2018


lovely blog and the weather is what makes Britain so interesting to garden in : don't you think?

love Boris and the girls. do the girls lay for you?

2 Mar, 2018


Thanks Karen, my OH is not a gardener, doesn't see the joy in getting down and dirty with earth - but likes to see the end results. He's a lot more 'Parks & Gardens' than I am, likes to see it all tidy and neat, whereas I am much more 'stuff it in there and see'. The Hellebores probably all have names and labels somewhere, but leaving them in just means 'someone' (peacock, bird, geese) pull them out and they get lost, so they are indoors.

Thought Boris should get in on the act Stera, he is getting really old and somedays looking really frail, his eye never really recovered properly from the vets visit, so the sight in that is either gone or very slight. Doesn't seem to faze him though he still knows when there is food about. Hence he is the only one sitting facing the back door in case someone comes out with food!

Thanks for reading the Linda and Eirlys and for suggesting that the three of them are actually clean! Against a real deep patch of snow they look really grubby as their paddling pool bath has frozen solid and it's only their necks and head that get dunked in buckets of water at the moment.

I agree Seaburn that our weather is always 'interesting' - either too wet, too cold, too hot, too dry, etc., etc., but it does keep you trying doesn't it? And.. when you succeed there's that huge sense of achievement. How boring would it be if it was like the TV programmes, buy it, plant it, ignore it and it it was all perfect?
As for the girls laying, yes they have both started looking for somewhere to lay and I have one egg. Both managed to get stuck while ignoring their lovely straw filled shed, Lily behind a lean-to window and Gracie amongst some wire netting and barbed wire - stupid birds!

2 Mar, 2018


Lovely photos,really enjoyed your blog Honeysuckle

2 Mar, 2018


Thanks Callie, I always appreciate people reading what I write, makes it seem as if I am chatting to people rather than anonymously writing to the void!

2 Mar, 2018


What a difference. I hope the snow hasn't spoiled your plants too much.

2 Mar, 2018


I agree honeysuckle,it does seem like chatting to other members,I love this site but over the last week,it has been great,I have not been out since Tuesday,so I have been looking at old blogs for ideas,and reading how everyone is coping with weather in different parts of the country,thank you all.

3 Mar, 2018


I am sure that the plants will recover, amazing how resilient they are Hywel. Natures power to survive whether a plant or animal. Glad you read my blog, I always make sure that there is a 'bird' reference in the title, just as a warning.

You're right Callie, if you are a person who doesn't get out much to chat to others, being on here is great. I have OH, children and people across the road, but don't really see that many people to chat to, so this is lovely - and they like gardening!
Everyone should be forced to join in and cheer themselves up.

4 Mar, 2018


I really enjoyed your blog and pictures Honeysuckle.
You are so lucky to live in Norfolk ! Suffolk and Norfolk are our favourite counties, so much so that we have been holidaying there for the last three years and have 3 more booked for this year! Just a week each month in a lovely static caravan, which are like little bungalows.

4 Mar, 2018


Thanks Rose, we like Norfolk, being born and raised here I suppose I would say that. Have lived in Watford, Huntingdonshire and Cornwall but somehow ended up back here!
Placid (backward), moderately empty (until they opened the new A11 to commuters) huge big skies (at least they can't do anything about that) and with an accent you can cut with a knife!
Best of luck with your holidays, you are obviously meant to be here!

5 Mar, 2018


You have some smashing hellebores, lovely, your garden looks so pretty with the snow but even better without it, let's hope Spring is just around the corner.

6 Mar, 2018


Thanks Honeysuckle, we will !

10 Mar, 2018


Very interesting set of photos.. those blue skies with white puffy clouds are so pretty !
I hope Boris has since enjoyed some milder weather !

8 Apr, 2018

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