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Early morning visitor!


While reclining in my bed and drinking my early morning cup of tea (provided by hubby before he goes to work!) and reading my book, I was disturbed by the distress calls from our resident moorhen.
As she didn’t shut up, thought I ought to investigate.
Looking through the kitchen window I saw the reason for the calls.
Sitting on the railing of the bridge was the heron, hopefully he/she had just arrived and had not sampled the fish from the pond, but was just weighing it up!
So much for having the plastic ones to dissuade the real variety!!
By the time I had got the camera and taken some shots it was crouched ready for take-off over the greengage tree and off to annoy someone else.
Looks as if it will be another hot day today, so it was obviously getting in some early morning fishing – or thought it would.
The moorhens may be destructive, pulling the flag iris’ apart to build nests, but they are a wonderful early warning system – like the peacocks dislike cats (heron’s too it seems).

View from the kitchen window of our visitor.

Ready for take-off!

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wonderful happening you had with your early morning tea:) grand photo :) he/she looks very at home...

i really like this blog it was a pleasant read, thank you :) very kind..

from jane.....

15 Jul, 2013


Has the moorhern got chicks, he would take them too.
Sadly our moorhens are no more, dinner for foxy over the winter we think. I know its nature but it can be cruel.

Great photos though....

15 Jul, 2013


What a fantastic view from your kitchen window, even without the heron!

15 Jul, 2013


Little beast wasn't satisfied with an early morning visit, it was back in the evening! Luckily I was out planting things in the cool of the evening and the moorhen alerted me again, in time to chase it off.
Apparently hubby had seen it before he went to work, so it has made three calls today. Now it knows we are here it will probably be a regular visitor.

15 Jul, 2013


Thank you for your comments, the view looks better than it is - too many weeds in the garden bit at the back and the fence is crooked, keep trying to cover it with anything that climbs, but it's dry and shady so not much is happy there.
The moorhen had another chick, but that has disappeared as well, there is a nest on the pond at the back, but not occupied, just built.

15 Jul, 2013


Great shots of the heron.What a shame about the chicks!

16 Jul, 2013

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