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Weather damage...........


We have had really bad winds here, nearly every day and they seem to get worse at night……..what with the heavy rain as well, my Twisted Curly Willow tree has suffered a bit………the branches had been blown forward and it was leaning over……….. so i decided to give it a bit of a make over…. hope i havnt been to extreme……. it is a young tree so hope it will grow ok in the spring…

This is what it was like before the winds……..

and now it looks like this

this is what i cut off, most of the leaves have dropped now……….

fence damamge………

the rain around my flower beds……….

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:( How awful Holly :(

25 Nov, 2009


I hate the wind ,watching your garden being blown to bits is horrible.Your tree will be fine next year, better to cut it than have too much wind damage (-:

25 Nov, 2009


What a shame your poor tree and your fence hope the weather eases for you.

25 Nov, 2009


Its the same up here aswell i had fence blown down other day, like you say its worse at night time, not renewing mine for a while, lucky i do only have 2 fence panels all the rest are hedges.

25 Nov, 2009


Oh - that poor tree! I do hope it recovers. I know they can be cut hard back in the maybe it'll be OK - I do hope so!

25 Nov, 2009


Hope all goes well on your side and the weather clears

25 Nov, 2009


Beautiful tree so gorgeous how the leaves twist and branches, I would try and tie it back to bring it up a bit, or try and stake it. At least the wind won't blow so much with the cut hopefully, shame if you lose it, I hope it survives.

25 Nov, 2009


Sorry to hear about your tree. It will be allright when it grows back next year. I hope the wind stops. I don't mind rain but not strong winds

25 Nov, 2009


Oh dear Holly, what a shame - your poor twisted willow, we were only discussing it a couple of weeks ago. Shame about your fence too :-(

25 Nov, 2009


We're having the strong winds as well Holly! I keep going out and tying more and more of my greenhouse down with guy ropes (it's a plastic poly tunnel shaped one). Carol says it looks like a giant spider has woven a web over it! Lol

25 Nov, 2009


Wow a web

Good luck with the tree Holly


26 Nov, 2009


Thanks guys.........hopefully the tree will be ok next it is a twisted curly willow it grows at a funny angle will keep my fingers crossed.....fences are going back up soon........the one in the pic is my neighbours side which she has to sort out, i have 2 fences down the other side, which are ok but have come away from the fence post... new post is now up.... but as we have had so much rain , the man whos putting it up said he would wait for a while 4 cement to harden......

26 Nov, 2009


Your Contorted Willow will grow very well come the spring & cutting the branches back now will stop the tree being blown over.

26 Nov, 2009


I hope so..... balcony.........

27 Nov, 2009

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