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My pond has been in the garden for 3 years and the grasses i planted had got so overgrown and the fish had grown to. So i decided to make a new pond……

You cant see the pond as its hidden in the grasses………..

First i dug out the hole and laid the liner …………..

Then i filled it up with water to make sure it didnt leak.

The earth i dug up i put around the pond in a bank to make a rockery later on.

I used the stones round the old pond … and put round the pond edges to hold the liner in place……..

Then i left it for a week.. to settle in……. I cut back the grasses where the old pond used to be……..

Then yesterday i put the fish into their new home…… its raining today so they have plenty of rainwater in it…….

Now all ineed to do is get some pond plants and some plants to go round the pond….. it was hard work but i enjoyed doing it and the weather was lovely…. unlike today.

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Your Fish are a Lovely Bright Orange Holly :) & the Pond Looks Great :)

27 Apr, 2009


Thanks Jacque........the fish are better off in the new pond, its a lot bigger......

27 Apr, 2009


what grasses did you have, my hubby is doing a pond type wildlife puddle and is after some ideas for plants etc

x x x

p.s grand job x x x

27 Apr, 2009


Yes thats great you can see this one Holly,as Jacque says your fish look bright and healthy ,well done .......

27 Apr, 2009


oh i need you to do mine Holly!! think its got a leak i seem to be forever topping it up!

27 Apr, 2009


It's a lovely pond. I like the way you've put the stones all around the sides.

27 Apr, 2009


This pond looks really nice.
Will you need to put net over it like Jacque did with hers ?

Holly ~ Congrats. on a job well done. :o)

27 Apr, 2009


The fish look very happy and settled in. The pond looks as if its always been there. Well done!

28 Apr, 2009


Thanks for all your lovely not sure of the name of the grasses Moonkins.....I hope i wont have to put a net over it TT..... will have to see how it goes.....glad you all like the pond, it was hard work but worth it.......

28 Apr, 2009


I know now you didn't do it all yourself! I have just spotted a little helper in your picture (third from the bottom). A bit of magic makes all the difference :)

28 Apr, 2009


Yes Gee19...... a little fairy magic... was a great help......

28 Apr, 2009

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