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Although it was so cold and frosty yesterday.. i decided to go for a walk on the beach and take some photos of the frost…….

The seagulls and birds dont seem to mind the cold water….rather them than me.

I found loads of these sponge like things on the beach…

The beach was almost deserted….

and the sun did try to shine.

TO try and melt the frosted rocks

All standing in a line.

Then up the beach top I climbed to see a different view.

The frosted mounds of silver grass gave me a different view.

The Tamarisk stands so alone catching the winter view.

A lonely boat sleeps waiting for the Spring.

I waved goodbye to the Diddlers… as i heard them softly sing.

And headed for home for tomorrow they say a warmer wind it will bring.

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A lovely walk - if a little chilly! Thanks for sharing your poem and photos.

11 Jan, 2009


Fantastic photos.
I especially like the picture of the wet stones, but all the photos do a great job of illustrating your outing.
Thanks for letting me share your walk. :o)

11 Jan, 2009


Great blog. I lived within half a mile of the coast for many years but rarely visited it once the children had grown up. Winter was definitely the best time, dogs could be walked and it was often deserted. Thanks for the memories.

11 Jan, 2009


And what, pray, are Diddlers?

11 Jan, 2009


Thanks for this Holly very brave , we often stroll along our coast in winter months as tourists long gone although some days can fully understand why .

My only experience of Sussex was Brighton beach so nice to see you have sand.Love the little Diddlers.My guess would be Sanderling,Wagger but not a bird familiar with.

11 Jan, 2009


The sponge like things are the eggs of whelks.

11 Jan, 2009


Lovely walk, all this walking is making me tired.....tea and cake is the order of the day.

11 Jan, 2009


I didn't need to go out today as I have shared some lovely walks with fellow GoYers, whilst staying warm! Thank you Holly.

11 Jan, 2009


Thanks, Bonkers.

11 Jan, 2009


~thanks for the walk~really enjoyed considering I have been inside all day!

11 Jan, 2009


Lovely photos and great blog Holly. Thanks for taking us on your walk with you.

12 Jan, 2009


Thankyou for your walk on the beach, you know i only live a few mins walk from our beach, i dont think sometimes that i realise i have some interesting things on the beach, i think alot of people who live at the seaside, just forget its there, well i do but you have given me the insentive to go on the beach, sometime.

12 Jan, 2009


Hi Glad you all enjoyed the walk with me...... thanks for letting me know what the spongey things are...... i had no idea.... the little birds i call the Diddlers... is my name for them, not sure what real name is... they are great to watch as they go back and forth with the tide as it goes in and out looking for food... they all run together as the sea gets near... looks quite funny... ive always called them the Diddlers since i moved down here 8 years ago.......I live just outside Bognor Regis....West Sussex......

12 Jan, 2009


I really enjoyed that walk! stuck inside with a nasty cold so it brightened my day thanks!
I think the birds are Terns?

20 Jan, 2009


Glad you enjoyed it sewingkilla.... yes i think they are terns
hope your cold is better.............

21 Jan, 2009

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