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The Yellow Book


By hijuju


I finally got my yellow book today for the NGS.
My husband was not impressed with the book, he reckons it was a telephone directory for open gardens and was a waste of money, he said that the open gardens could of been advertised on a website , like the Red Cross do when they go and help out with Open Gardens.
Plus for all the hype they have given it on gardening programmes , you may think why do a book , ok the monies go to a lot of charities.Yet looking at some of the names of the said charities , you would think they would be rolling in it., Yet they always seem desperate for money..
Why isnt the Royal family opening their gardens??There’s Highgrove , Kensington Palace , The Duchy of Cornwell estate and all the other royal gardens.Considering who the President is and he likes talking to his plants anyway, you would think he could at least open one of his houses. He could afford to do teas etc and or sell plants.
(sorry for the whinge, but Arthur Rhitus has set in my bones and i have been suffering today)

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one good reason for having a book-you can leave it in the car and when you are out and about can refer to it for any local open days in that area

7 Feb, 2010


Frogmore House, near to Windsor Castle, is open one day a year for the Yellow Book scheme. It belongs to the Queen

7 Feb, 2010


Hijuju - the NGS does have a website - take a look at

This address is also in the 'Yellow Book'. You must remember that not everyone has a PC, but lots of people enjoy visiting gardens, so a book is essential for them.

I don't believe that the charities supported by the NGS are rolling in money - I am delighted to be able to support them by opening my garden.

I think also that it would be an impossibility for Royalty to open their gardens very often, as the security necessary to do this would cost more than the public takings! I do know that Highgrove is open for group visitors on occasion for booked groups, though.

By the way, Prince Charles isn't the President of the NGS - that's Joe Swift!

I'm sorry to hear that you've got pain at the moment - but I had to answer you.

7 Feb, 2010


I agree with Mageth,plus not everyone has access to the web. Another thing to think about is the cost of the extra security involved if they did open their gardens on a regular basis, sad to say not everyone in our world is a bona fide visitor....
Sorry you are having a bad day, its this damp, it gets in everywhere.......

7 Feb, 2010


Must have keyed in together Spritz.........

7 Feb, 2010


As Spritzhenry so correctly states, the ngs donates millions of pounds each year to so many deserving charities.

All of the members on this site, including ourselves, who open their gardens for the ngs do so without any reward, and all the money each and every one of us raises for the charities is passed on.

Also, a percentage of the sales from the iconic and very useful yellow book is also donated for charity as well, so you will have made a contribution if you and your husband recently purchased the yellow book for 2010. The yellow book also serves as a portable guide that you can take with you when you are out and about, but the information is duplicated on the ngs website for those with internet.

The Prince of Wales as the Patron of the National Gardens Scheme does open his garden at Highgrove on a regular basis,and the money raised is donated to the Prince of Wales' charities.

In fact, he raises millions of pounds for charity each year. However, His Royal Highness does not open the garden at Highgrove on a commercial basis for the public, so bookings have to be made in advance for approved groups. Highgrove is also his private home, so security measures have to be considered, as Spritzhenry so correctly points out.
Myself and my partner were very fortunate to be invited to Highgrove to see the gardens, and the hospitality was superb, and the tea was delicious.

His Royal Highness also took the time and made a special effort to write a very kind and thoughful letter to us to congratulate us on what we have achieved with our tiny inner - city garden.It was a great honour to receive his letter.

I also wanted to reply to point out there were quite a number of points about the ngs and the Yellow Book that are factually incorrect in your Blog.

I hope you feel more comfortable soon with your painful condition.
With kind regards,
Grenville & Alan.

7 Feb, 2010


Hijuju, sorry you're 'down' and in pain. Maybe your hubby being so negative about the Yellow Book, caught on and added to your 'down-ness'. I know it can happen.
I think many charities are very deserving and in need of money mostly, but I remember well, about 3 or 4 years ago hearing from the charity itself (Guide Dogs for the Blind) that they were VERY flush with money.
Does anyone whose garden is in the Yellow Book know whether they can choose which charity or Charities their takings go to?
I do agree with the others who pointed out how useful it is to have a book to take out in the car, or may not have a computer.

7 Feb, 2010


The Yellow Book is an excellent little publication to have and keep in your car so that when you're out and about you can look up any Open Gardens in 'that' area.
It's not meant as a big, impressive book, i suppose it IS a little telephone directory ..... for gardeners who want to see others' garden efforts.

Maybe your husband was expecting more of a formal garden book :-/

I get one each year :-)

7 Feb, 2010


Hello Hijuju ~
I hope you are feeling better this afternoon...
... the damp weather must make your arthritis very painful...

Yes, I agree with above that it is useful to have the Yellow Book...for in the car, and, also, for instance, the NGS website was down for several days recently due to technical trouble....

For those interested in GoY members' NGS gardens, I wrote a blog on 31st Jan. 2010, entitled..

2010 DIARY DATES....GoY members' gardens open for charity

It gives a map, and details, dates and some have website links, and I included a link to the NGS website too ~

Gardens are those of ~
Andrewr, Spritzhenry, Kensington, Junglejen and FourSeasonsGarden.

I hope this helps :o)

7 Feb, 2010


Noticed in my Sunday paper a special offer to buy the Yellow Book for £6 inc.p & p. Mention code STYB1 when ordering. It says allow 21 days for delivery.

8 Feb, 2010


Hi Hijuju
Hope you are feeling better its probably all this cold weather
I think it is worth the money and would hate to be without one
We travel up and down the country doing shows as some of you already know and have very little chance to see gardens in the summer but with this little book we sometime do get to see the odd yellow book garden all so far have been wonderful and a real joy to meet like minded people
When your husband has been to a few he will change his mind
As has been suggested keep it in the car it will come in when you least expect it :)
Keep warm the better weather wont be too far away now :)

8 Feb, 2010

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