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Mixed up plants!


I was complaining at another’s blog about my garden being entirely spent. But here it is December 3rd, it is 67 degrees F (hot for december) and my weigela is in full bloom! It was just planted this fall, and had been badly damaged at the nursery before we got it (most of the stems broken!). But the 4 or 5 stems left are going nuts with flowers!

I just heard the news…snow on Saturday! What next?

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Your Weigela must think spring has arived early. It's a lovely shade. I hope the snow keeps away for you.

4 Dec, 2009


I agree the Colours Gorgous :)

4 Dec, 2009


yes its beautiful..........

4 Dec, 2009


Lovely plant HW. Hope the snow isn't too thick ! :~(

4 Dec, 2009


so are you in winter now? I dont know how you seasons pan out in delaware. I really should look up your position in the usa.
lovely photo and lovely colour too.

4 Dec, 2009


Seaburngirl...we are mid atlantic coast, right along the fact driving wise we are 34 mi from the ocean! We are still in late autumn here, winter comes approx dec 23rd. but you know Mother Nature doesn't like us to get too comfortable with saying when the seasons will change, she has her own ideas! lol

Sue & Hywel we never get much snow here...1/4 inch is a good snow, not even enough to cover the grass adaquetely.....I think if we get snow (or maybe last years november snow) I will post it here! lol


4 Dec, 2009


that sounds a fantastic place to be. thanks for the info :o)

4 Dec, 2009


I feel very ignorant about members far away and the climate in their part of the world! Thanks for telling us. I hope your snow stays away!

4 Dec, 2009


Did the snow reach you, HW? Here in East Anglia, (the bulge you see on the right side of maps of the UK), we don't usually get much snow, if we get more than 1cm (1/2 inch) it's quite an event! Though like all places there are exceptions, in Norfolk, for example, it's quite common to get a few of cm of snow. I'm much further inland & we never seem to get the extremes other poor folk have to suffer.

In February this year we did get quite a bit of snow. One morning we woke up to see the snow falling thick & fast & we had for or five cm in just a couple of hours. I even managed to get some photos before it all melted away again! My wife even measured the depth of snow on the railing of our balcony! I wasn't able to photograph her doing so because it was too difficult to get an angle where the tape could be seen. I think she found it was 4 or 5 cm deep!

But this was an exceptional snowfall (I hope!) for this region this winter.

8 Dec, 2009


I forgot to congratulate you on your Weigela! It's looking really good - especially for December!!! LOL! ;-D

I've seen several spring flowering bushes in flower around town here. At least one of them was a Weigela, but that was in November.

Talk about mixed up flowering, with the climate change the plants now no longer know when they are supposed to flower!!!

8 Dec, 2009


Balcony..that snow never materialized, but now there is a blizzard headed our way...the only things is the snow will petter out before it gets here, and just be rain! They told us to expect at least 3" of rain!!!!!!


9 Dec, 2009


Good for you the snow didn't put in a appearance! Did you get as much rain as forecast in the end?

12 Dec, 2009


Oh we got that and more! We now have a winter mix coming for the morning, but it is only supposed to last for a few hours and not accumulate...winter is here, no matter what the calendar says! lol


13 Dec, 2009


Just this evening I was talking to my mother-in-law in Spain & she says they had 20cm (8") of snow where she lives today!!!

We are forecast snow here this week as well but if we do get any it's very unlikely to be much, maybe cm or two but I doubt it will as much as that. Yet in some of the more northerly parts of the UK they have already seen a little & will see more in the coming days. Perhaps some GoYers have already seen snow where they live!

14 Dec, 2009


I'm in central Florida so no snow, but we did have a week or so of freezing weather and there are dead palm trees and flowers all over the place. My
orange trees are covered with brown leaves. (should be green) Can't imagine
what is going to happen to them come spring. Just wait and see I guess. The
only flowers still growing strong are the pansies. They are tough as nails.

26 Jan, 2010


Well...we have finally had enough cold, freezing tempsa and snow to make even my stubborn wigelia call it quits for the winter...Come On Spring!!! :o))

27 Jan, 2010


Back in my last post I said we didn't expect more than cm or two of snow - how wrong can you get??? We had about 3 inches in the end! Not much at all for many people but it's a lot for us here!

In Spain we had two weeks of almost continuous rain! We had only two sunny days & two half days of sun! Back here in the UK & the day after we arrived another several inches of snow!!!

Now we are forecast similarly cold weather for the next few days. We may get a sprinkling of snow but we can expect a very cold, northerly wind for the next few days.

Roll on Spring!!!!

27 Jan, 2010


we are expecting a coastal low coming up from the south friday and saturday....more snow!

I need spring........

28 Jan, 2010


After such a cold winter & long winter we are all looking forward to the spring coming!

Did the snow put in an appearance? We had some very light, brief snow showers on Friday if I hadn't have been out in the street at the time they would have passed unnoticed!

31 Jan, 2010


Well...I can sit here and look out the window at the 6 or more inches that got us! This is the hardest winter that this areas (even the natives) remember in many, many years!

I told my husband about the el nino being the cause, and his response was a resounding "hrrruuummmppphhh"

He say we have had el nino winters before and never this much snow! In fact this winter has given us 2 different snows that was more than we got the whole time in Colorado! And this can go on until march!

1 Feb, 2010


This morning on the 7 a.m. news we saw pictures of a huge snowfall in NY! 2 & 1/2 ft of snow was said to have fallen in just one day! I just hope we don't get anything like that here! We are forecast more cold weather for next week here with very cold easterly winds sweeping in from the continent.

As I live in East Anglia, the bulge on the right of the UK when you see us on a map, we get it "in the neck" so to speak! East Anglia is also very flat & most of it is hardly more than a couple of feet above sea level therefore the easterly winds here are terrible, we have no protection at all! :-( When the weather comes from the West we are much better protected.

6 Feb, 2010


Well Balcony...we got 27-28 inches, which ended last night around 5pm...we cannot get out of our driveway, and the roads here have not been ploughed or cindered or anything......the snow is deeper than our until they plow, we cannot get through!

My dogs are having a ball....but their legs are not long enough, and they are big dogs!

8 Feb, 2010


That really is a lot of snow! I hope you're well-stocked with food and so on! Keep warm. xx

8 Feb, 2010


Spritzhenry...they are telling us on the news right now...that tuesday night (that is tomorrow) that we are getting 12+ inches again.....we have been getting snow 2x a week for 3 weeks now!!!!

There is no worry about food stores, I have a full pantry stocked, even have water bottled in case the power goes out and we cannot use our well (due to no electricity to the pump), I have all our medicines stocked for another 8 weeks in house, have fresh new bags of dog and cat food on hand...and even today picked up more bird and squirrel food for our wild friends...sooooo

No worries that way, my only worry is hubby has to work, and he goes in at 5PM and off at 1:30AM....soooo he has to drive in it after it has been coming down for 8 hrs or so! but the truck has new tires, and a new battery so it will start and go, at least. LOL

9 Feb, 2010


WOW!!! That's a huge amount of snow! Never in my life (6 decades - almost) have I been in snow deeper than my knees! I just find it impossible to imagine that amount of snow!

9 Feb, 2010


Balcony....a couple of decades ago...when I was only 45 or so.....we had 6 feet of snow where I was living that is huge...all in one storm!

The snow has started, and they have changed the totals predicted to 12 - 18 inches. We spent the day getting the old snow off the roof, many people are having their roofs cave in with the weight of it!

10 Feb, 2010


That is HUGE! How much did you end up getting?

11 Feb, 2010


We received 18" of 60 inches in 3 storms in 2 weeks!...they say we had 2 blizzards this past week! We are still waiting for the plows to come thropugh! lol

13 Feb, 2010


I can't imagine living with all that - I'd have to up sticks and move. Do you have chains for the tyres?

13 Feb, 2010 chains, haven't used chains in years....guess if this keeps up I will have to get some tho!

We do not get snow like this is like you saying you were receiving it this bad this year! It is that unusual...

My daughter lives in the 'deep south,' just outside of Atlanta (nicknamed hotlanta) and they receieved from 3-6" yesturday......if they are getting it, in a place that NEVER sees snow!?!? I heard yesturday that north Florida was getting snow also......these weather patterns are really screwed up!!!!!!

13 Feb, 2010


It's like that in Spain this year as well. In the middle of December they had snow falls in places along the Med coast that almost never see snow - even on some of Spain's most famous beaches!

My mother-in-law says they are having 1 of the coldest winters she can remember, & she's 85 years old!

14 Feb, 2010


I understand that one Balcony, my mother in law is 74 and says the same thing about the temps and the snowfall...worst in her memory!

14 Feb, 2010


My wife spoke to her mother this morning before leaving for work & she said it was snowing over there again today!

Not that we are getting off scot-free either as we have had some very light snow between 2 & 4 pm. I was on my way downtown, to return a book to the library when it started. I stayed there a couple of hours reading one of the books I later took out!
Even on my way back home I felt a few odd flakes hitting my cheeks. But it had stopped before I reached home.

15 Feb, 2010

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