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We had some rain this week….about 5 inches or so in less than 2 days. It has left us with standing water again! I thought maybe you would like to see the problem we are up against…so here are 2 photos to look at

Okay this one is just behind the patio….enough to float a fleet of sailboats in

This one is the path to the ‘wild’ section of the yard…it is totally underwater now so it is hard to get back there for any work to get done!

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The river at the bottom of my garden floods over every year, at least once, HW. Horrible. Goes down, eventually, but it does prevent you doing anything at all except wait!
Hope your land returns to normal, soon, and your rain stops!

29 Oct, 2009


Oh dear.
This is disheartening every year isn't it ?
Does the water cause damage to the property ?

29 Oct, 2009


When you see the pictures it really brings home how much you've had HW. Fingers crossed it goes away soon ! :-))

29 Oct, 2009


Wow, that's like a lake...
I hope the water disappears soon...
Looks like you'd need wellies for that much water !

29 Oct, 2009


Hope your water goes down soon.........

29 Oct, 2009


I hope the water subsides as well but it makes for some beautiful photo's! ;~))

29 Oct, 2009


Louis...every year??? how about everytime it rains hard we have standing water!?!?!?!

This is why we are slowly building raised beds for flowers and veggies.

To be honest Terra....Wellies? not available here (I don't think- at least I never heard of them till I came on here) I have a pair of hiking boots I wear when I have to walk the dogs in it. The youngest dog doesn't even want to go 'potty' when the water is like that...don't think he likes it

B, Sue, is already subsiding, just not fast enough for me, I am the impatient type...sigh

Ian...I have always loved water shots, and if this water would stay back in the WAAAAYYYY back of the property, where the owner before us dug the earth out to make a pond for all this water, then I would be very happy to take its picture, but........


29 Oct, 2009


Every time it rains hard ??
That's just awful :-(
How do all you gardeners cope with it, i'd be too disheartened to keep at it, i think :-(

29 Oct, 2009


HW ... disheartened ?? Never in a reign of pigs !!!
An English saying HW.... I know you'll NEVER give up !! xx

29 Oct, 2009


Louise...most people here do not have this issue to deal with, we just happen to be the lowest property around, and the former owner had all his neighbors dig ditches to lead their excess water off and onto our property! We are also sorta close to the ocean (34mi) and close to 0 ft above sea level due to it!

We are slowly trying to rectify the error of his ways! lol

But in my personal intro to GoY I mentioned not being able to do much for the last 2 yrs due to this issue.....but I am fed up and am changing things!

We have other issues here which Ian is aware of, since he helped us find a solution, so next year is even more work trying to turn things around! But No giving are right about that Sue!


29 Oct, 2009



29 Oct, 2009


I wonder what his intentions were, by have all their drainage on his land was he short of water at one point ?
How odd !

30 Oct, 2009


Perhaps he wanted a swimming pool?

30 Oct, 2009


Well my intention was to keep the pond, just deeped the center a bit....but this summer it dried up that wouldn't work. And now this! It is the biggest it has been in 2 1/2 yrs we have been is wild!

30 Oct, 2009


Oh dear, you seem to be having real problems there! The only thing I could suggest is to dig soak aways and fill with gravel then weed membrane over that and then soil to plant in but that sounds expensive! :~((

30 Oct, 2009


Raised beds outa scrap and recycled stuff thing I can come up with...with the weed membrane below the soil in the beds!!!!! Then we are putting the weed membrane and mulch over all the walkways too...

My husbands biggest worry right now is putting the poles for the fencing on the veggie garden in as it is over the terra cotta drain field!

But like I told him, if it's not one thing it is a dozen...we will figure it out and deal with it too! Need to keep the big dogs out of the garden beds!


31 Oct, 2009

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