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Harvest Season


Fall here is just beginning. Cooler days and cold, some nights. Warnings of frost, but no Jack Frost yet. Not much color on the trees yet….lots of yellows and greens, little reds and oranges, they are yet to come! After all this rain, some of the trees just shed without turning, sad state of affairs that, bad omen for winter usually. After all this rain we went for a Sunday drive, just to see what we could see.

Of course there were the farmers bringing in the crop; here that means soybeans, lima beans and corn this time of year. And then there was Mother Natures bountiful crop….

Some planted by man like the Kousa dogwood

But many just growing wild…and not named

And those wild and named ….Tiny Wild Rosehips

Sumac, which one?

Strawberry bush

Sweet Gum seedpod

Southern Magnolia seedpod w red seed showing



What a wonderful time for man and beast!

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Can't see the leaf on #3, but might that be elderberry? They are turning whitish here over the black when ripe & harvested for syrup. Great stuff to cut the time of a cold in half, marketed as Sambucol, tested in Germany.

24 Oct, 2009


I love this time of year - such colour and so many berries and fruits. You've taken lots of great photos. I wonder if that squirrel ate all of what he's holding there ? ... lol

24 Oct, 2009


Mister Squidge has got enough there to feed himself for a week by the look of it! I MUST get one of those strawberry trees, I think they're wonderful!
Good blog, HW, really nice to see all the different species. Wet here, too, and you're right, it doesn't bode well for a 'good' winter.

24 Oct, 2009


Lovely photos, i love seeing all the leaves turning colour, and all the lovely berries on the plants and shrubs..............

24 Oct, 2009


Thanks for the view of fall/autumn in your neck of the woods HW, Lovely photo's :~)))

24 Oct, 2009


Lovely blog and pic's HW ! :-))

24 Oct, 2009


lovely berries i regognised the elder berry though :o)

24 Oct, 2009


Thanks everyone!

24 Oct, 2009


Lovely blog, HW!!

24 Oct, 2009


I find it very interesting seeing what berries grow where you live, HW. Here we have plenty of rose hips on the Dog Rose bushes. The Hawthorns are really laden with berries, so much so that many trees are now shedding them & some of the pathways are becoming slippery with the berries & covered in seeds. I was thinking the other day after passing a stretch of this that I'd never seen a seedling Hawthorn! There are millions of them in this country & the path I'm talking about has thousands of trees all along its length, which must be a couple of miles long. Many of the trees must be more than a century old.
Elderberries are also quite common around here. Now the Blackberries have all finished I can't think of any other wild plants that have berries here. Around town the councils over the years have planted Horse Chestnut trees, 100s back at the beginning of the 60s, many Mountain Ashes were planted many years ago in an older part of the town for the "new" queen I imagine as they are in a part of town where many of the streets have names that make you think of that time.

24 Oct, 2009

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