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Spring Bulbs


I started a small garden area this summer from transplants from my elderly neighbor. It has some late spring plants, summer flowerers and one or two fall flowerers (Sedum for one). I still have some space between these plants…so this is going to be where the daffs, crocuses, and other tulips will be

It doesn’t look like much yet, but when all the plants grow in, and it grows back to the bushes and trees behind it……

I have some allium and am going to get some purple crocuses to accent their color and have yet another area of spring bulb beauty going!

Ohhhh…now I can’t wait for spring! Winter is going to feel so long this year, just sitting and waiting for the first blooms! :)

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Oh HW it's going to look gorgeous ! The lovely warm reds, oranges and yellows with the dash of purple ..... beautiful ! :-))

12 Oct, 2009


I agree with my mate Sue, HW...the colours will just 'sing' won't they? Roll on Spring ( how we wish our lives away, eh? )!

12 Oct, 2009


I can't wait to see the spring pictures of these they are georgous, they do purple and white mix crocus at Wilkinsons 99p pkt very pretty they are like this

12 Oct, 2009


Don't think they've got Wilco's in the US of A Morgana !! :-))

12 Oct, 2009


One of my weaknesses in the garden are bulb flowers, especially when they naturalize and become part of the landscape looking like nature just put them there!

I am also very color concious, maybe too much so....I want the flower beds to be in harmony, with just one, maybe two eye catchers to act as foils for the rest! lol

Maybe I over analyze how I think it will look, but so far i have been okay...haha

12 Oct, 2009


No Morgana we don't....but I do have Big Lots, Lowe's, Wal-Mart and a number of other stores with great prices and some varied selection

12 Oct, 2009


You like what you like HW !! I've had spring bulbs for years, and each time they come up, if I see a space .... I put more in the next year ! Bulbs are not a weakness .....they're there forever AND .... there is nothing better than seeing a bulb pushing up it's beauty in January ! Tells you the Summer's coming ! :-))

12 Oct, 2009


Sue...I think the bulbs save us from ourselves in the darkest part of winter....their sunshine reminds us why we are willing to let the garden rest for a potion of the year!

12 Oct, 2009


Perfect words ..... save us from ourselves !! People have said to me, 'Why don't you live abroad Sue' ? and I say because I would miss the seasons too much !! My garden never really rests .... nor will yours when you put those GORGEOUS bulbs in ! xx

12 Oct, 2009


Healerwitch, the reason Sue would miss the seasons is because of her variety of wardrobe in garden shoes and wear she has,lol, thats where we are lucky I supose, having different wardrobes for all seasons not just one or two lol

12 Oct, 2009


Wardrobe and garden don't really go together with me Morgana. The amount of times I've been out there with me nightie and slippers on are countless !! In Winter as well !!

12 Oct, 2009


lol Sue I was joking he he ;o)

12 Oct, 2009


It's going to look lovely us the pics when they all come up in the Spring!

12 Oct, 2009


Fluff...I do plan on sharing all the pics next spring!

13 Oct, 2009


Lovely plans HW! Should look amazing!

16 Oct, 2009


Once the bulbs start to flower they will look fabulous! I have difficulty in growing the bigger bulbs on my balcony as I need to take almost everything out twice year & replant. You can't very well plant summer flowers over spring bulbs.

Nevertheless I do have a few small bulbs that are left in a few of the permanent pots. Things like Crocuses, Grape hyacinths & a few Alliums, the small kind.

20 Oct, 2009


Balcony, I've got various pots with spring bulbs, where I cut down the foliage when they've finished and put Summer bedding plants over the top. It's worked well for a few years now :-))

28 Oct, 2009


Although I said "you can't plant summer flowers over spring bulbs" I didn't mean it's not possible just that it is very difficult when you are gardening in pots & tubs & the like. In a garden there is normally plenty of depth so it can be done but when you have only a few inches of depth then it becomes impossible.

I do underplant my spring flowers with bulbs but both the plants & bulbs are much smaller than the ones we use in the summer. Besides which most spring flowering bulbs & plants like very similar conditions whereas summer plants & bulbs have very different needs.

I don't like to cut down the bulbs' foliage before it has turned yellow by which time it getting a little late to put in the summer plants. The balcony would also look pretty ugly!

31 Oct, 2009

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