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Trying to defeat the water problems we have had in the past, we elected to use pots, buckets (anything to keep the plants away from the standing water) to plant in this year. I put in herbs, flowers, and some veggies into well-cleaned kitty litter buckets (the kind it is sold in). I put one flower and one herb or veggie per bucket. Seemed like a good ration at the time, and it was pretty in each individual bucket.

As time wore on though, it quickly became apparent that there just wasn’t enough root space for two plants per bucket. We got plenty of early herbs, beautiful flowers most of the season (but now dying out early), but very few veggies! The veggies produced lots of plant, but few edibles.

We now have a used tiller, so out back where there is slightly higher land, We will begin marking off the raised beds for next season, and tilling them several times between now and next spring. Being right on the coastline like we, are our soil is predominantly sand. One must therefore augment with other stuff…. grass clippings, leaves, compost, horse manure, etc. So each tilling will have a different augmentation added.

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Hello Healerwitch this sounds like serious hard work. I shall look forward to hearing more of your efforts. good luck

6 Sep, 2009


I agree, I hope you make a good job of it and get lots of lovely veggies. I have a sand based 'soil' and because I didn't do enough to feed it, this years veg was a waste of time and effort.
This year I shall be (hopefully) putting a 4 -6 inch layer of well rotted horse manure as a winter mulch and then digging it in in the early spring and then adding another layer before planting anything.
Good luck.

6 Sep, 2009


Good idea Healerwitch.......and may you crops be big fat juicy ones.......

6 Sep, 2009


What a lot of work you have ahead of you ...good luck - and we will all be watching with interest how you get on keep the camera handy! Herbs DO take over don't they...nice to have a fresh supply more or less all year round

7 Sep, 2009


Hopefull yyou will be able to enjoy the MANY fruits of your hard labour.

Look forward to seeing the results:0)

16 Nov, 2009


This years results were disappointing, but many lessons learned....trying again next year!


17 Nov, 2009

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