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My greenhouse


By hanne


Seaburngirl, here you see my greenhouse with glass in whole pieces. (Now I see, that the picture is from the building-up period, but you can imagine the glass, I´m sure).

The specification for the greenhouse is here:

The meuseares on the drawing is in mm, I can see that you measure in ft. You may google the calculationfactor.

Mine is 18 squremeters big.

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That is an amazing greenhouse. I hope you didn't have the same bother I had from Janssesns. Stunning greenhouses, absolutlely zero interest in customer. Anyhow enough about my woe, what are you going to grow in yours. You've enough height for climbing beans, squashes, sweetcorn, sunflowers...I could go on but you'd need waking...sorry. Are you going to have bare soil inside and cultivate it as an inside vegetable garden? You must have heaps of plans!

28 Dec, 2009


Wonderful greenhouse...
Is that another greenhouse in the background?

28 Dec, 2009


I see what you mean. It looks very good Hanne. Mine will be similar area to yours but thinner and longer. I suppose mine is about 6 x 3 m.

28 Dec, 2009


Treeman, I grow diifferent things, this picture is old - from autuum 2004. I showed it to describe a question in one of seaburngirls blogs.

Yes terratoonie, it is my small one, 9 m2. They are now build (sort of) together.

A day with plenty of time, I will show some up to date pictures.

28 Dec, 2009


That's a really good size, Hanne. :-)))

29 Dec, 2009


Thanks, Hanne... More photos would be interesting....
... as you say, on a day when you have plenty of time :o)

29 Dec, 2009


do we ever have a day with plenty of time?????

29 Dec, 2009


...maybe we don't have days with plenty of SPARE time.. ;o)

29 Dec, 2009


you mean 24hrs is enough tt :o)
what is this spare time? :o)

29 Dec, 2009


this looks amazing, it's massive (drooling slightly, sorry)
How can I possibly get so excited about a greenhouse?!
Enjoy it!

1 Mar, 2010


Weeding...quite easily. What we need is another pic of this greenhouse in full production...please... :o)

2 Mar, 2010


It was difficult to choose among my many pictures, but I put som of them in a google-album. They are from the last couple of years.

I have not startet any work out there this year, it is still very cold and snowy.

5 Mar, 2010

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