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Birds birds birds!!!!


HELP! We have more Jack Daws in this town than anyone can shake a stick at! I have hanging baskets with fiber liners that aparently make WONDERFUL nesting material. They’re destroying my baskets before the plantings have a chance to fill in the baskets.

I have an idea of hanging shiny CD’s on the basket chains to discourage them or even possibly drive them away. It would be really ugly but I’m desparate. Anyone think this might work?

I’m sure once the plantings fill in and hide the liner they won’t be attracted to them (hope!) They’re also enjoying the peanuts from my wire feeders. I’d hate to have to take them down, but I may have to. grrrrrrrrrrr!

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Hello Greylady ~

No jackdaws in my gardens, but in the spring some plants in my flower beds get dug up by birds for lining their nests, and also my compost is turfed out of plants in pots. I think blackbirds are chiefly to blame... I end up putting heavy stones around my plants, trying to protect them..

Have you seen any other hanging baskets in your neighbourhood which are doing well ? If so, maybe you could ask the owners how they deter the jackdaws ?

9 Apr, 2009


Oh dear,sorry to say it happens every spring here ,I found the only way to stop them was to provide one for then they still occasionnally go at others,my pampas has now been stripped bare but that is good because it saves me a job as I only have the canes to pull out when its time to tidy it up.......

9 Apr, 2009

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