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lots and lots of tomatoes


Hi, what a bumper crop I’m going to have,I have 6 tomato plants all bearing fruit and even my 2 little cherry tomato plants are bearing fruit also, talk about beginners luck, gardening !!I love it !! what I have started doing is looking on you tube and I am getting alot of info off there.
I must admit I’m just a big kid at heart.


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Lucky you Duncan. Have they started ripening? Mine although outside they have all finished 2 weeks ago and now I have planted something else in their place. They were cherry tomatoes and all small tomatoes( hundreds of them) ripened in a matter of a few days. I must plant them in succession next year.

3 Aug, 2011


Thats good news Duncan, are you feeding them, I give mine Tomato food once a week once the fruits set, then when they are big enough to eat if they seem to be taking a while to ripen, pop a banana skin near them, it encourages them, once they do start to ripen they help each other. Enjoy them.....

3 Aug, 2011


Hi, yes I am using tomato feed once a week but I have been told not to over feed as this gives them a funny taste. I do have one question though, why do home grown tomatoes have that funny taste not asscociated with shop bought ones and is there something you can do to stop it ?


4 Aug, 2011


Hi Dunc,
I stuck mostly to Gardeners delight toms this year. A dozen plants, producing lots of small toms and I'm now eating them every day and supplying all the neighbours.
No sign at all of greenback or blossom end rot. I'll definitely grow the same again next year.

And No funny taste at all, just sweet and juicy.

9 Aug, 2011


Hi Hank, sorry for not getting back to you sooner, thanks for the comment. The reason for not being in forum for 13 days is we have a new addition to our family, a gorgous Lucas terrier called Milo. After losing our youngest Jack Russell in March after 14 years our house felt empty, then we saw a picture of this cute terrier on Manchester add site and we had to have him. He is a rescue dog as his last owners were two professional people who were at work all day and away from home alot so he was in kennels most of the time and he was very unhappy so we were more than happy to take him off their hands. He is a very intelligent dog and very loving and we all love him. Anyway back to tomatoes, I did not realise how many types of tomatoes there were and this being my first time growing them its a case of time lucky. What I have noticed is one of my plants are producing tomatillos the ribbed tomato. I have also some cherry tomato plants producing fruit so I am very happy.

Anyway have a look at milo in my piccs.

21 Aug, 2011

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