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As some of you will know this year has been a trial for me starting off in mid January with broken shoulder & escalating into further health troubles which are ongoing… but enough about that!
I’m very limited on what I can do these days but I do what I can when I can.
I’ve been taking pictures & the garden has changed quite a bit for the better after the work I did last Autumn.
One area was being overtaken with couch grass, there were some clumps of Hellebores that you could barely see so I dug it all out, reshaped the border, split the Helles with a bread knife & replanted the better ones & bought in many Heucheras which I planted as edging.
The Helles all flowered beautifully & the Heuch’s glowed like jewels, such an improvement.

getting started

heucheras planted

Some of the couch grass has survived so more work to get rid of it yet.

Harvington Dbl Pink

How it turned out

Now where did that snap dragon come from?

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Hope you get better soon. Its a problem when we can no longer garden like we use to, its the lifting and digging I find the hardest now. I feel I ought to alter my garden to help me as I approach a different era - but cannot bring myself to do it yet and then it may be too late for me to be able to make the changes!

16 Aug, 2016


I know the feeling all too well, both with couch grass and ability to dig things and move things around. But we are good at adapting and changing how we work and do stuff in and around the garden, good luck with it all. Little and often is the way to go. It all looks lovely :O)

16 Aug, 2016


i square it off and if im ok after my square i do another,how do you get rid of the grass i find it realy hard when its in my plants and got rid of some i realy liked this year,i love before and after pics

16 Aug, 2016


It looks lovely Greenfinger. Nobody would guess you have had problems keeping it in shape. The pretty heucheras make a great border edging.

16 Aug, 2016


Drc, I've been advised to redesign my garden into an 'easy' one such as doing away with borders & having more shrubs, prob good advice but I'm not prepared to do away with all my new herbaceous plants. I'll just have to try harder, lol.

Barbara, I think adapting starts long before you realise it, little & often is def the way to go.

Ladybug, wait until the plants are dormant then dig them up & tease out the couch grass. That's what I did with the infested Christmas roses & split them up at the same time, it completely rejuvenated them.

Thanks, Stera, I am very pleased with the heuches. Reshaping & widening the border has worked well.

17 Aug, 2016


I could not do without my flowers in my borders, I find that if I do a big tidy up in February it seems to last better and the weeds cannot see daylight after that so give up lol well that's the theory now the practice is maybe a tad different. lol. as for couch grass it grows from the smallest piece of root and all you can do is keep working on it and taking it out as much as you can, it is a control rather than kill off cure.

17 Aug, 2016


I totally agree, Barbara, it's the flowers that become the hi-lights at different times. As for the couch, well, it's just as you say, now the bindweed doesn't seem to be responding to being painted with Roundup!
No rest for us yet.

17 Aug, 2016


Sorry to hear you are not 100% but you have done a sterling job, the borders look lovely....... unfortunately we all have to make a decision re our garden when we reach a certain age!! ours is very high maintenance it keeps us busy most days....all the best.... don't overdo it...:-!:-!:-!

18 Aug, 2016


Thanks DD, I'm learning to be more accepting & spend more time just looking at all the different birds that come to feed. I've seen a fox stroll down the path & patrol round the lawn for the first time, also a huge barn owl one evening, a sparrow hawk skim past the kitchen windowsill & (not so good) a rat jumping up the rungs of a metal arch to get to the bird seed feeder! (Dealt with that tho).

18 Aug, 2016


I envy you sighting the owl and the sparrow hawk....but you keep the rat lol

19 Aug, 2016


Nobody would think your health wasn't the best after seeing the photos of your garden! You've done yourself proud!

22 Aug, 2016


Aw thanks, Balcony, I try & do a little every few days or so but believe me I will never get it weed free, I'm hoping the plants will get bigger & smother them, lol.

22 Aug, 2016


The only people who have a weed free garden are those who have it concreted over! Even I have weeds on my balcony!!! LOL!

26 Aug, 2016


....or maybe those that have a gardener to do it for them, lol.

27 Aug, 2016

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