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Little Nickers


Does anyone know how to discourage 5 squirrels from ganging up on the birds and pinching their seeds in my garden?

Failing that I’ll consider any good squirrel recipes… :-)

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They seem to be out in force this year. Gardens that have them are overwhelmed. I don't think there is any way that looks "nice", They are so strong that they'll break down most things in time. A strong cage over the table is the only way but it looks terrible. Pie or casserole should be OK.

4 Jan, 2008


Thank you Lindak, they drive my hubby mad it's quite fun seeing the steam comming out of his ears.

I think they're quite cute.

Got a recipe for squirrel kebab..... :-)

4 Jan, 2008


There's a squirrel-proof bird feeder on - only £9.99.

Our local parkland is overrun with squirrels too - I'm encouraging the Project Manager to have an ox roast with squirrel stuffing

4 Jan, 2008


i have tried putting peanuts on my bird table and hanging up bird seed in feeders, the birds do seem to be getting a look in on the feeders but i think the squirrels are getting all of the nuts - which was the idea really because the squirrels have taken a liking to digging up my spring bulbs - it seems to be working as i am catering for both - but it all goes so quick there must be quite a few using my garden, as i am putting hole packets full out every 3 -4 days but at least both birds and squirrels seem to be fed and i think it has saved some of my bulbs too. - how ever if anyone would like a few squirrels to try out any new recipies involving them i would quite gladly send you some of mine! lol

4 Jan, 2008


My next door neighbour feeds the squirrels and they are multiplying fast. They bring the food over and bury it in my garden beds.Sadie our cat killed six in fourteen days last summer. I felt both guilty nd pleased at the same time.
I would like to suggest that peope should not feed them as they will become a problem if they get into roof spaces apart from damage to beds aand bulbs

4 Jan, 2008


Doesn't everyone bake them in clay in the embers of their bonfires? I though that was general knowledge! :-)

4 Jan, 2008


I think that's just an old custom in Somerset spritz :-)

4 Jan, 2008


Oops - sorry - I forgot. I get carried away with rural customs...Is anyone else wassailing tomorrow? That's another Somerset custom (yes, I kid you not - we went last year)

4 Jan, 2008


what is wassailing? does it involve killing squirrels - if so i might bring the custom to essex? lol i only feed them because they are already there and it seems a better option to having them help themselves to my bulbs. and truth be known i am far too soft to kill anything. after all as i have said before, they are all gods creatures and have as much right to be here as we do - even if they are a royal pain neck to us gardeners.

5 Jan, 2008


thank you for the tip on the squirrel proof bird feeder.

I'll have a look on Amazon.

A friend told me you can get a sonic gun that sends out a noise that they hate and we can't hear.

It's about £15 from our local garden centre

10 Jan, 2008


We place peanuts in the shell (monkey nuts) out for the Squirrels. They love them because they have to gnaw their way in and they are better for storage - the squirrels will bury them like they do with acorns etc. The birds don't really touch the monkey nuts because they prefer the seed and easier meals etc. The squirrels will love you for it and the birds will be relieved :0)

21 Aug, 2008


I went to the I.O.Wight at the beginning of this year and they are one of the places that still have our Native red squirrels. I saw some in the hotel grounds every day and they are beautiful. The only problem here in Britain is that the grey squirrels have taken over and there are not many places where the red squirrel now lives. The grey squirrel is not a native to Britain. We have grey squirrels around here. They are great athletic little comedians but do like digging holes everywhere.

26 Aug, 2008


Thank you for your comments.

we gave some monkey nuts to the squirrells and have recently found some of them have sprung into life as the squirrells buried them.

We grew sweetcorn for the first time year and they were almost ready when the squirrells got them. We we were disappointed but have learned our lesson for next year.

Will they go for my tomatoes next?

27 Aug, 2008

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