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New Fence.


Well today we will be busy as we have some new fence arriving and that means work. It is only two panels but we have to extricate the old ones out first and we think they are firmly fitted in although they are breaking up in places, so my husband will be very much at home with his hammer and I will be panicking about the plants in the surrounding area !! At least it is dry and fairly warm so here goes.! Never a dull moment.

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That sounds familiar, grandmage - OH is great at DIY, but does he watch where he puts his feet? You can guess the answer! Good luck today.

22 Apr, 2010


I hope your plants survive the fence-work...
Are these 6 ft panels you are replacing ?
Nice that your husband is so helpful with DIY tasks in the garden :o)
Have a nice day !

22 Apr, 2010


I know the feeling I have 4 panels that I share with my throughly miserable neighbour (!!)that really need replacing and I have let my plants grow up and am now dreading it when we get the high winds again!!

22 Apr, 2010


.... good luck with those panels, Genuisscuffy !

Check out my fencing items from last year re. nightmare neighbours !

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22 Apr, 2010


Thanks for your sympathy folks, our immediate neighbours are lovely and today have said they will help with the panels on Friday !! Phew, aren't we lucky because my husband and that hammer could reak havoc, so I am glad he will get some help now, Oh, no, thats two pairs of mens feet stamping down my plants !! These are six footers too (and the men), HELP. I also have seven other gardens backing all around us it is not easy, believe me !

22 Apr, 2010


Most of the people in my road are lovely... it is just the luck of the draw which family you get next door.. :o(

22 Apr, 2010

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