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October fruit updates


About time I updated on the progress of the 2019 fruit plantings

The grape “Green Muscat” that I bought on impulse from Wilkinson’s proved to be better than I anticipated.
It is in a pot, and has not been well looked after apart from watering as required

However, just picked five bunches of sweet grapes from it, the grapes are not huge as they are outdoors & have a pip, but quite pleased with the result

The other update is my Pinova apple, on dwarfing stock in a pot. New this year so I restricted it to two apples for this year
It’s grown well & settled in. I picked one apple about a month back, too early as it happened, not quite ripe despite coming away readily
I left the other on the tree, and it has now shown it’s Golden Delicious parentage in it’s colour. I’ve picked it but not tasted yet, so fingers crossed

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wow they do look good enough to eat don't they?

I have picked all the tomatoes today. some are ripe others no where near and others that split on picking are now a soup.

13 Oct, 2019


Well done on growing the Grape, we have one (Brandt variety)growing on a pergola which has a corrugated Perspex roof but as they are sharp and full of pips, we leave them for the Starlings!

14 Oct, 2019


Looks wonderful - you can almost taste the juice in that apple!
There's a new variety of tiny grapes that taste like strawberries. I was going to chance trying one but then found they need good drainage and my archway is next to the drain from the conservatory roof. How big a pot did you use for yours? Just wondering whether it would be possible to grow it in a container? We get heaps of rain in winter and lots of wind too but it's usually quite mild compared with lots of places.

14 Oct, 2019


SteraG, mine is in a about 12 inch pot as I never expected to do much this year.
For next year I intend upping pot size, unknown size yet but it will be it's final home so can I just say "large" until I see one that I think is about right?

Ones I've seen in pots at Wisley are in the size of pot you would have patio tree in

15 Oct, 2019

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