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Fuchsia Standards 2016 *updated 23 April* scroll down the page


Hi All,

Thought I would start a blog on making a standard and various sizes to choose from.

Full Standard:
Clear stem not to be less than 30” (762mm) or exceed 42” (1067mm)

Half Standard:
Clear stem not to be less than 18” (457mm) or exceed 30” (762mm)

Quarter Standard:
Clear stem not to be less than 10” (254mm) or exceed 18” (457mm)

Mini Standard:
Clear stem not to be less than 6” (152mm) or exceed 10” (254mm)

Measurement of clear stem is from the compost level to the lowest stem, so I should be able to mange some of them to fit!!

As you can see lots of choices with the height so off I went today to the Fuchsia Nursery today and picked up these 5

Jennifer Anne
Dollar Princess
Spion Kop
Paula Jane
Garden News

all about 12 inches high already and needed a good sort out with side shoots removing but I have taken cuttings as to not waste them. Next is to repot them next size up.

I will keep you posted with how I do

Hi All, (quick update 23 April)

they have all been re-potted next pot size up.

I have been researching on how to grow, keeping 3 sets of shoots counting the top one and then as soon as flowers appear the top shoot is pinched out leaving 3 below to grow on.

I have made up my own potting mixture using;

60 % john inns no 2
20 % multi purpose
10 % very well rotted horse manure and put through a garden sieve
10 % Perlite

they have had a weak feed twice a week , thin fleece over the plants to keep the full sun off them.

1. Garden News 25 inches or 63.5 Centimeter unstopped
2.Paula Jane 24 Inches or 60.96 Unstopped

3.Jennifer Anne 21 inches or 53.34 stopped
4.Spion Kop 21 inches or 53.34 stopped
5.Dollar Princess 16 inches or 40.64 stopped

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Looking good

29 Mar, 2016


Lovely project Gnarly and so interesting to do and train.

Looking at your sizes...I've two half standards of Garden News and a mini standard of Blackie which has a plaited stem. All must be five years old, and just beginning to sprout again. I leave the leaves on and let them fall off naturally in the winter then once sprouting, clip the head into a ball shape, and renew a third of the compost in their pots. Off they go again and when the flower buds develop, I feed them once a week. I always keep them well watered and they prefer shade.....usually they come into their own at the end of summer.

Good luck with them all...

29 Mar, 2016


Thanks for the information.
Good luck ! I hope they do well :)

29 Mar, 2016


I will be following with interest Gnarly, thankyou for the info... and you as well Janey, I saw a beauty on another page only the other day whereby the person had three plaited together, looked amazing..

29 Mar, 2016


Lots of Luck! I am growing a couple fuchsias now, from seed. I finally have 3 little seedlings of Fuchsia boliviana alba.

30 Mar, 2016


Thank you very much the very comprehensive information on standard fuchsias - you must be a mind reader because I was just about to do some research on how to grow one.

30 Mar, 2016


Hi All (thanks for your reply's)

All have been re-potted to day (next size up) a mixture 50/50 john ins no 2 and multipurpose with a handful of perlite to keep it open and free draining and the john inns adds a bit of weight to the pot.

Janey , 5 years so doing well with them good sensible and easy approach to them as well with feeding and pruning.

The plaited together sounds like a project next year Linclass but I will look into.

Hi Marjories its getting the whips as I googled who sold on the intranet and no one wanted to send them in the post which you can understand why and all the garden centers had lots of fuchsias but all been pinched out !!!

but hopefully you will track one down to start but now is the best time if you can ....


30 Mar, 2016


I've only grown one standard but started it from a cutting - there's no need to pay for whips if you can take or beg cuttings - the only drawback is the delay waiting for them to grow.

30 Mar, 2016


finding un-pinched cuttings is the best way to go ...

Steragram I wanted the head start lol


31 Mar, 2016


I did this years ago with 3 plants then when we moved house OH forgot to put them in the van. :o(

I might give it another go this year. thanks for the prompt Gnarly gnome.

31 Mar, 2016


Lol, GG patience is a virtue....

31 Mar, 2016


bumping the thread with my update and new photos !!!

exciting lol


23 Apr, 2016


Added to my favs Gnarly, thankyou for the update, I might even give it a go as I did buy some more plants a couple of weeks back so I can take a few cuttings, won't know unless I try, lol....

23 Apr, 2016



thank you ...

not the best photos , I will try better next time ...

reading up the pro's start in December January with cuttings , also I found out once you get close to 14 hours daylight thats when they start to flower .

hey a bit of fun , yes have a go ...


23 Apr, 2016


Hi All

Just added a new photo and they have all been re potted for the last time 5 inch terracotta pots.

"Garden news" tallest one is still not showing flowers which is ideal and I am following the technique of leave each stem to produce two sets of leaves from each side shoot and then when the 3rd set is produced it gets nipped out

Still in the greenhouse and lots of shade netting being used

31 May, 2016


Great blog Gg...Think i might just give this a go...I do have quite a few 'dollar princess'...:>)

9 Oct, 2016


Hi Moti

Just reminded me to do a update with some new photos

Yes have a go , try and get a cutting with 3 leaves if you can ( I was told by a expert) at last I have mastered the pinching out ... its only taken 30 odd years or more to do lol


9 Oct, 2016

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