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Gnarly _gnome episode two !!!!


So I dug out all the borders yes hard graft but I knew do this now and I would reap the benefits , next door all lawn nothing else and the other side all gravel and decking !!! so garden of Eden here we come , yes I am OCD with collecting plants, sedums , then ecinachea, then heleniums then ferns then tree ferns then tree peony, now daylily (hemerocallis) yes Simbad has helped with the OCD yes some are over the top £££ but I work hard have given up smoking and get great joy of having somthing that flowers and has a history I love Margo Reed , Nan Wilkerson and good old Ned Roberts I can recoqnise one of these just from the flower who the breeder is I have made realy good contacts with people that buy from America Pollie Sheila Jennie , and they all help with introducing all the new varieties and they do cost a bomb £££ to bring them here so to have OCD does help with what we all have in our gardens I will add some photos

I did have 25 diffrent Agapanthus now down to 3 !!! with the past two winters I still have a passion for them give me 12 months and I will build up the collection again , one of my favourites and I lost the name tag was white on the outside and blue in the centre so special I was gutted when I lost it but on here I know you would understand with the loss you have to be a gardener to understand loss of a loved plant that you have had for years or a friend or special occasion or a memory that it brings back to you

Anyway I will be back soon and if this blog brings anything of use it will suprise me as it did with your wonderful comments so far

Gnarly_gnome got this name from a Margo Reed Daylily lol now you know !!!!…….havmt got it yet but I will



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Some little beauties there GG

9 Dec, 2011


You are clearly an enthusiast, GG. Lovely photos of your lilies.

9 Dec, 2011


Beautiful colours.

9 Dec, 2011


Glad to be of help with the ocd Gnarly :-)) can't think of anything nicer to be obsessed with, had a look on Tinkers at Gnarly Gnome its a beauty.
I have a lovely Margo Reed one that should flower for the first time next year 'Grandma Kissed Me', one of Pollies :-)
Lovely pictures, 'Ultra Violet Mood' definitely one for the wish list, see you're not helping with my obsession either;-)

10 Dec, 2011


Hi Gnarly Gnome. So Simbad is still being naughty and tempting everyone with her pictures. This has been a busy year for us. As well as Hampton Court we split about 260 clumps which will be the plants for sale in the summer for our visitors. I do have Gnarly Gnome but it is very new and hasn't flowered yet. We are, as usual, buying plants from the US next year, (about 7 from Jim and Margo) but only about 30+ a year now because we are fast running out of space and we have all our seedlings to evaluate as well. Nice to catch up. Have a lovely Christmas all.

12 Dec, 2011


Hi Pollie
Yes that naughty Simbad !!!

ooohhh you have Gg well put me first on the waiting list

You have my list already for 2012 , I thought I better be quick

You have some " Christmas tidings" as well


12 Dec, 2011

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